Zoom Unveils Workplace, An AI-Driven Collaboration Platform – Report


Zoom, the widely-used video conferencing app, has introduced its latest offering called, Zoom Workplace. It is aimed at elevating workspace communication and boosting collaboration efficiency. This AI-powered platform, announced on Monday, integrates innovative features to enhance cross-team and intra-team interactions.

With Zoom Workplace, the company is leveraging its AI assistant, AI Companion, to enhance teamwork and streamline communication processes. The platform promises a revamped meeting experience along with enhanced functionalities for Team Chat. Moreover, Zoom has expanded its AI capabilities by adding new features to its AI Companion.

Zoom Unveils Workplace, An AI-Driven Collaboration Platform

The announcement of Zoom Workplace was made via the official Zoom account on X, accompanied by a promotional video highlighting the platform’s key features. According to the company, Zoom Workplace brings communication, spaces, productivity solutions, and employee engagement, all into a single platform. These features are seamlessly integrated with Zoom AI Companion capabilities.

In a detailed blog post, Zoom outlined the various features users can anticipate with the launch of Zoom Workplace. The platform aims to deliver an advanced collaboration interface to promote productivity gains and break down organizational silos. 

The main features include AI Companion integration for tasks such as email drafting, chat composition, and meeting summarization. In addition to that, a new “Ask AI Companion” option is added, which allows users to assign basic tasks and pose queries.

Zoom has also revamped the meeting experience across in-call, pre-call, and post-call stages. They have added a Meetings tab with calendar support and a comprehensive view of the meeting lifecycle. Additionally, the meeting interface is redesigned for simplicity and features a streamlined toolbar, customisable color themes, and a multi-speaker view.

Team Chat has evolved into a collaborative space that enables users to access whiteboards, resources, and channel-related assets at the same time. Users can also integrate with other Zoom services such as Zoom Rooms and Zoom Phone for an enhanced user experience.

For those unversed, Zoom Rooms supports hybrid meetings. The company is planning to add new features such as smart name tags to Zoom Rooms. Instead of placing each in-office participant in separate boxes, these tags will simply display their names.

Zoom Workplace is slated for release in April, with no specific rollout date announced yet. The suite will be provided at no additional cost to paid subscribers, including Zoom Pro, priced at $159 per year, offering users a comprehensive solution for efficient collaboration and communication in the modern workspace.