Who Lasted The Longest On “Alone?”

Who Lasted The Longest On “Alone?”

“Alone,” is one of the best survival reality TV shows ever made. The thrill of watching a group of people trying to keep themselves alive in the most difficult conditions is unmatched. No wonder, it turned out to be such a big hit.

So far, the show has released nine seasons. Now some of you might wonder, “Who is the longest staying contest on Alone?” Let’s find that out in the below post.

Top 5 Longest Staying Contestants On Alone

There’s no doubt that participants across all the seasons gave their best performance, but there are some who proved themselves to be stronger than the rest.

Here’s the list of top 5 contestants who stayed the longest on the show:

  • Ronald Welker – 100 Days

In the 7th season of the show, things got different compared to the previous seasons. To win, the contestants had to stay out in the wild for 100 whole days. Ronald Walker ended up winning the big prize after surviving those 100 days in the wild. 

His amazing survival skills made him one of the best competitors ever on the show. Ronald’s adventure in the Southwestern Bush Alaska and Appalachian Mountains in Shiloh helped him get ready for the show.

  • Callie Russell – 89 Days

Callie was the second-best contestant on the 7th season of a TV show about real life. Callie’s time in the wild ended on day 89 because she had to leave the show when her toes got frostbitten. 

Before she joined the show, Callie chose to live like a wanderer, finding peace in nature. The skills she learned from that lifestyle got her ready for the show.

  • Zachary Fowler – 87 Days

Zachary Fowler won the 3rd season because Carleigh Fairchild had to leave on the 86th day. Zachary enjoys outdoor fun and even got into building boats for work. After winning the show, he kept on with his love for adventure.

In 2019, Zachary and another contestant from season 3, Greg Ovens, did a 30-day survival challenge in a park. But they ended up in trouble with the Canadian authorities because of hunting and fishing issues.

  • Carleigh Fairchild – 86 Days

Carleigh Fairchild got second place in Alone season 3. Since a very young age, she has been interested in learning outdoor skills. On the show, she used those skills in the real wilderness. 

Carleigh tried hard to survive, but on day 86, they had to take her out because she lost almost 30% of her body weight.

  • Kielyn Marrone – 80 Days

Kielyn Marrone appeared on Alone season 7. She pushed herself hard both mentally and physically, but on the 80th day, she had to stop because she was really hungry.

Kielyn loves the outdoors and lives far away from the city in Canada. She and her husband run a business called “Lure of the North” where they help people experience traditional-style camping in the winter.

Final Words

So, these are the contestants who stayed the longest on the show. Their effort to survive in the world with minimum supplies shows the level of preparation they went through before entering the show.


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