Did Ken Kurtis Have A Twin Brother?

Did Ken Kurtis Have A Twin Brother?

Ken Curtis was a popular American actor, singer, and director. He rose to fame after his appearance in the hit series Gunsmoke, where he played the character named Festus Haggen.

Given Ken Curtis’ popularity, fans have always been curious to know more about his personal life. One of the common questions asked by fans is “Did Ken Curtis have a twin brother?” If you are also curious about the same thing, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will tell you if Ken Curtis had a twin brother or if it was just a theory spun by his fans.

Who Was Ken Curtis?

Ken Curtis, born Curtis Wain Gates, was a celebrated American actor and singer. He is best known for his iconic portrayal of Festus Haggen on the popular CBS western series, Gunsmoke.

Ken Curtis was born in Lamar, Prowers County, located in the southeastern part of Colorado. He was the youngest of three boys in his family and spent his formative years on a ranch by Muddy Creek in eastern Bent County. 

His family later moved to Las Animas, when his father, Dan Sullivan Gates, ran for sheriff in 1926. The family’s campaign was successful, and Dan Gates served as the Bent County sheriff from 1926 to 1931. 

The jail, where Ken’s mother, Nellie Sneed Gates, worked as a cook for the inmates, still stands today within the Bent County Courthouse in Las Animas, preserved for its historical significance.

Ken Curtis’s youth was marked by his involvement in various activities. He served as the starting quarterback for the Bent County High School football team and was also a member of the school band, where he played the clarinet. In 1935, he graduated from high school.

During World War II, Ken Curtis served in the American Army from 1943 to 1945. After his military service, he initially enrolled at Colorado College to study medicine. However, his passion for music soon led him to change his career path. He decided to pursue a music career, eventually becoming a renowned artist.

Before entering into the world of acting, Ken Curtis was a singer. In 1941, he made a significant move by joining the Tommy Dorsey band. 

From 1949 to 1952, Ken Curtis took center stage as the lead singer of the Sons of the Pioneers.

Ken Curtis’ Twin Brother

So, did Ken Curtis have a twin brother? The answer is yes! Chester Kurtis was his identical twin, but unfortunately, not many people know about him. 

His twin brother was not as successful as Ken, which is why many people don’t know about him.

For those who thought Ken Curtis’ twin brother was just a theory, you were wrong. Ken Curtis did have a twin brother, but his existence was overshadowed by his brother’s success.

Final Words

So, now you know that Ken Curtis had a twin brother named Chester Curtis. We may not have much information about his life and career, but he existed. Out of the two brothers, Ken was the most popular one.


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