When Does Mayans M.C Return? All the Details

When Does Mayans M.C Return? All the Details

If you loved watching the hit FX series Sons of Anarchy, chances are that you will equally enjoy watching Mayans M.C. The show is heavily influenced by the former and the elements of mythical features and the overall diverse cast has managed to catch the attention of the viewers.

However, if you have been awaiting news about the show’s return, Mayans M.C’s Season 5 was the last season of the show and it was released in May 2023. Since then, the creators have not shed any light on further seasons.

We will take you along with all the insights we have related to the return of Mayans M.C and its release date if it returns.

When is Mayans M.C Returning?

Mayans M.C. is done and dusted, according to the information that has been officially shared by the creators.

Ideally, the showrunners have confirmed that the last season of the show would be their fifth season and that they plan to wrap things up from there. They have also confirmed that all the characters have gotten the closure that they deserved in the fifth season.

All that said, with how dedicated the show’s viewers are, it isn’t surprising that they seem to be looking forward to a new season with a new story arc. With all the public and official information that we have right now, a potential return doesn’t seem like it’s on the cards anymore.

What can we expect Mayans M.C. to return with?

If Mayans were to return with a new season, which would be Season 6, we could expect that the show would pick up where it ended in the fifth season.

There is no guarantee how things will transpire in the new season because there’s no way for us to confirm how the writers would have extrapolated the show in the future. 

The sixth season of Mayans M.C. would have to continue the story of EZ Reyes as he struggles to balance his loyalty to his club with his personal life. The season is also expected to explore the fallout from the events of the fourth season finale.

But these are mere speculations based on how the past seasons of the show have come out. We can speculate more about the plot but the show is indeed most likely not coming back with a new season.

Who would have been cast in Mayans M.C. Season 6?

If Mayans were to return with a new season, we could expect the main cast to make a comeback, including:

  • JD Pardo as EZ Reyes 
  • Sarah Bolger as Emily Gallindo 
  • Clayton Cardenas as Angel Reyes 
  • Danny Pino as Miguel Galindo 
  • Richard Cabral as EZ’s father


The sixth season of Mayans created a lot of uproar among the audience but truth be told, there seems to be no updates about the show’s return at this point. Also, the creators have been quite firm on the decision that season 5 would be the end of the show. So, what we can do is watch a re-rerun of the available seasons right now.


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