When Did Chris Stapleton Win The Voice? Everything You Need to Know

When Did Chris Stapleton Win The Voice? Everything You Need to Know

When you think of American country music, Chris Stapleton is a name that doesn’t require an introduction. He is a leading singer and shocked his fans when he sang the national anthem at the 2023 Super Bowl.

Besides his angelic voice and amazing lyrics of the songs, Chris’ fans are often confused about his role in The Voice. Was the singer ever a contestant? If yes, did he win the show? Which year did he take part in? The questions seem to be never-ending.

This article will take a peek into Chris Stapleton’s connection with The Voice and why his fans think he won the show.

Who is Chris Stapleton?

If you aren’t a fan of country music, not knowing who Chris Stapleton is makes complete sense. Chris kicked off his music journey learning how to play a guitar and later relocated to Nashville where he attended the Vanderbilt University to study biomedical engineering.

However, despite being good in academics, Chris knew that he was passionate about music and wanted to pursue his passion. During his college days, he started writing and composing songs.

Following dropping out, Chris ended up releasing his debut song in 2006 and ended up securing a spot at the top of the Billboard Music list. Since then, Chris has never looked back and has released several successful singles and albums.

Not just that, Chris has also collaborated with various leading artists and wrote for popular singers like Jake Owen and Thomas Rhett. His debut album was released in 2015 and is one of the bestselling albums of his career.

Did Chris Stapleton appear on The Voice?

Was Chris Stapleton ever a contestant on The Voice? The simple answer to that is no. He was never a contestant on the show, to begin with.

However, one of the reasons why the fans and the viewers are often confused is because he appeared on Season 12 of The Voice. This happened in 2017 when he performed during the season finale of the show as a performer and caught the attention of the viewers.

Since Chris performed during the season finale, many viewers confused him to be a contestant and thought he might have won the show. In reality, he performed a song from one of his albums, titled “From a Room: Volume 1.”

Not only was Chris a guest performer, but several of the contestants even sang a few of his songs during the final episode, further adding fuel to the fire.

Another connection that Chris has with The Voice is that he has collaborated with one of the show’s judges, Kelly Clarkson on a song in 2021. The two of them have nothing but good things to say about each other.


To cut things short, Chris Stapleton has not appeared on The Voice as a contestant. However, he has appeared on the show as a guest performer. So, while he has entertained the viewers with his amazing voice and song, there have been no “wins” involved in the process.


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