Cains Mayonnaise Shortage – Where Is the Brand Now?

Cains Mayonnaise Shortage – Where Is the Brand Now?

Mayonnaise is like a universal condiment that probably the entirety of the U.S. has tried. While it is a hit or miss among some people, you can’t deny the fact that Cains Mayonnaise has been a household name for decades.

Ever since the brand’s inception in 1916, the history of the Cains mayonnaise has dominated the household of U.S. families. However, as the years have passed and more and more brands have infiltrated the market, Cains mayonnaise has taken a backseat.

This article will take a look into the prospect of Cains mayonnaise shortage and explain where it is now.

When did Cains Mayonnaise Come in production?

As we briefly mentioned before, Cains started as a family business in 1916 in Illinois, U.S. During the inception of the brand, it started on a small scale where the family members would produce and sell mayonnaise to people and local shops.

However, as time passed and people started appreciating the taste of mayonnaise and using it as a popular condiment, it started getting sold in different grocery stores and supermarkets too.

During the initial days after its inception, Cains was one of the only manufacturers of mayonnaise and they used a blend of canola oil, egg yolks, and vinegar to make the condiment. It started gaining traction and the brand’s popularity skyrocketed rapidly.

What happened to Cains Mayonnaise?

With the kind of revolution that Cains mayonnaise brought along, it isn’t surprising that several people are often confused about its sudden disappearance.

If you follow the news, you will realize that Cains closed down one of their last production plants, the Ayer plant recently. This not only stopped the production of the beloved Cains mayonnaise, but it also led to the sudden unemployment of several employees.

However, this doesn’t mean a complete shutdown because Cains is now owned by TreeHouse Foods and the products are now manufactured under them. The Cains products will be manufactured and sold via TreeHouse foods and will be more easily accessible around the southeast U.S. regions.

What makes Cains Mayonnaise so popular?

With so many different mayonnaise brands in the market, there is a reason why Cains stands out as one of the best.

Most of the people who have tried Cains mayonnaise have said that the taste is unique and not like any other mayonnaise that you’d come across.

Since its inception, Cains mayonnaise has undergone a lot of improvement and its ingredient list now includes distilled vinegar, apple cider vinegar, mustard flour, salt, sugar, etc., which further enhances the taste.

The right balance of sweet, savory, and tartness from the vinegar is what makes this one of the most popular condiments across the U.S.


If you have been wondering about Cains mayonnaise, the simple answer is that it’s around. Their native factories have recently closed down but their products are currently being manufactured by TreeHouse Foods. So, your favorite brand of mayonnaise isn’t going anywhere. It is just undergoing a bit of a rebranding if you will.


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