WhatsApp To Introduce Feature To Set Media Uploads To HD Quality


Reports suggest that WhatsApp for Android will soon introduce a new feature that is aimed at simplifying the process of high-quality videos and images. This upcoming feature will include a setting option that enables users to choose between sending media in standard or HD quality. Once a preference is selected, the app will use that choice for all future media uploads. 

It’s worth mentioning that WhatsApp recently introduced another feature that lets users pin multiple chats, and it works for both group and individual chats.

WhatsApp To Introduce Feature To Set Media Uploads To HD Quality

Initially spotted by the WhatsApp update tracker WABetaInfo in the WhatsApp beta for Android build, the feature is expected to streamline the media sharing experience for users. This beta version for Android started its rollout to testers on Monday through the Google Play Beta Program. 

This new capability will be accessible via the Settings menu, allowing users to set their desired upload quality without the need for manual selection with each upload. This eliminates the hassle of having to repeat the process for each new media upload.

The report includes a screenshot revealing a new Setting option titled “Media upload quality” within the Storage and Data menu. This fresh setting, named Media Upload Quality, offers two choices: HD quality and standard quality. Once a selection is made, all future uploads will follow the set preference.

While WhatsApp introduced HD Photo Sharing in August 2023 and later extended support to high-resolution videos, users currently must manually choose the quality setting for each upload. This upcoming feature aims to eliminate this repetitive process, providing a more seamless experience for users who prefer a specific quality setting.

Although the feature has been observed in the Android beta version, its availability for the desktop and iOS app remains unconfirmed. It’s important to note that none of the existing options allows users to send media in its original resolution, particularly for large-sized files, which would require sharing as a document.

Furthermore, WhatsApp has introduced video playback features for iOS users. Now, WhatsApp users on iOS can rewind or skip forward video messages they receive by double-tapping the edge of the display. Previously, users had to drag the video playback slider to fast forward or rewind.

Overall, the upcoming WhatsApp update regarding media quality aims to enhance user convenience and efficiency in media sharing. Users eagerly wait to get their hands on this new feature.

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