What are Control Features Of The File-Sharing Host?

What are Control Features Of The File-Sharing Host?

Every business needs to have operational efficiency.  Several tools are created to assist businesses on their journey to success. One of the most important practices in an organization is information sharing. The files can include graphics, digital media, video files, documents, etc. and it is crucial to share these files safely.

Secure File Sharing

Files of an organization often contain sensitive and private data that cannot be shared with everyone. The security of the data is the utmost priority of a company which is why they are always looking for services that ensure secure file sharing. Secure file sharing makes it possible to share files between organizations and users without the danger of it getting intercepted by unauthorized users and intruders.

One of the ways of sharing a file safely is by encrypting it while in-flight or at rest as it is sent to its destination. Secure file-sharing services guarantee the safety of the files by allowing only authorized people to access them. It also limits the number of downloads.

Key Control Features

Nowadays every organization needs to invest in a reliable file-sharing solution to ensure the safety of the data. Most companies focus on features like cloud options, price, implementation of timeline, etc. while looking for a solution. It’s crucial to consider the control features. The control features are an integral part of the secure file-sharing solution.

In an organization, whether it is small or big, it is impossible to monitor the work habits of all employees. It is not viable to keep a check and ensure that everyone’s work habits are in alignment with the company policy. The control features make things much easier. With their help, you can make sure that everyone accessing the file is following the right protocol.

Some of the most important control features to look for in a fire-sharing host are as follows:

Multiple Authentication Methods

The control feature of multiple authentications is different from multi-factor authentication. They are a separate control feature that is effective in keeping data sharing secure. It adds an extra and a better layer of security to the security of the sensitive data. Services like real debrid use multilesteps to validate the accounts you install on Kodi and other Firestick apps.

The factors can include SSH (Secure Shell) key or a password. These extra layers are used for confirming the user’s identity by matching the user’s public key with the private one before giving access. It makes sure that the information is accessed only from authorized devices.

Permission from Users

Restricting access to the file is a crucial step for the safety of files. Restricting the number of people who can access them and doing it down to the user level is a great way of creating an access hierarchy. Not everyone working in the organization needs to access every file. Every company has sensitive data that is not for everyone’s eyes.

One key access control related to the user permission a reliable file-sharing solution must have is the feature of setting customized access limitations on a folder-by-folder and user-by-user basis. Having such a level of control you get the power to determine which employee needs to view a certain file. If there is a breach you can ensure the security of files by changing the permission settings.

A feature is great for micromanaging access to the files as you can keep a record of people who are accessing, downloading, uploading, deleting, and copying the private files. You can also track down the source in case the data is compromised.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Mutli-factor authentication is becoming more and more common practice to keep file sharing safe and secure. The process includes using a different piece of information to verify the identity and access level of the user before giving access.

An effective secure file-sharing host should give you the authority to set the standards and requirements. You should be able to use a one-time passcode which can be delivered through email or SMS. The process gives verification that the person using the password is the person impersonating the one who has access. A solution with the feature of multi-factor authentication that allows authentication on a user-by-user basis is a worthy investment.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Secure Protocol Enforcement

If an organization does not offer its employees a file-sharing solution they resort to using the methods they find most convenient. Their biggest concern is their convenience and not the security of the data.

With the help of secure protocol enforcement, the organization can control the way users share their files with their fellows and with other companies. It ensures that users only share the data in ways that align with the company standards. You get to choose the standard and enforce it accordingly. You can use it to restrict sharing of files, only allowing authorized people to see the data.

Restricting User IP

Restricting access based on the IP address location is a brilliant feature. The feature of setting IP restrictions user-by-user is perfect for keeping the data secure. It ensures that the safety of the files is not compromised even if the user accesses them from a remorse location.

It also offers security in case the password of the user is compromised. Each account only gets permission to log in from a pre-approved location so even if the device gets stolen it will not give access to the data.

Restricting Country Access

Any company complaint to the International Traffic in Arms Regulations must be aware of the importance of restricting access from other countries and making it available for domestic uses only. Restricting country access plays a huge role in securing file-sharing processes. It dramatically cuts down the chances of a hacking attack.

With this feature, you can ensure that the people accessing the files are the ones that have been given access and you will be aware of their location. If the company only has locations in countries such as Canada, Germany, the US, and Italy then you can restrict access from other countries as they are not going to help your business.

Password Enforcement

Passwords are considered a vulnerable line of defense as they are more likely to succumb to a potential data break. The security breach is most likely to happen because of human error. If the password is weak and obvious, it is easy to crack. A weak threat is a huge security risk so a secure file-sharing service must feature the ability to enforce policies that ensure people use secure passwords.

If people are given free rein for choosing a password they tend to go for obvious choices like their birthday, or name of their pet, etc. Such passwords are easy to guess and crack. They use similar passwords on multiple platforms. Setting certain standards like strength, password edits, and expiration reduces the chances of it getting breached.

Final Thoughts

The control features determine the efficiency of a file-sharing hosting so it is vital that they are considered before making a choice. Looking at the control features aids in finding the most suitable solution.