Welcome to Derry – Everything You Need to Know about its Prequel

Welcome to Derry

When it comes to horror movies, pretty much everyone is aware of the name “IT”. The movie franchise has gained immense popularity, thanks to the terrifying plot and the protagonist, Pennywise. 

Welcome to Derry is the prequel to the IT movies, which was reportedly announced by HBO Max in March 2022. The series is being produced by Andy and Barbara Muschietti, who are the directors of the two IT films as well.

If you are curious to know what’s in store with Welcome to Derry, more about its release date and expected plot, we have all the details lined up for you in this guide.

When is Welcome to Derry Releasing?

Welcome to Derry is currently in production. The series was announced in March 2022 and since then, it has been in production, meaning that our wait is going to be slightly longer than we initially anticipated.

The filming for the series kickstarted in early 2023, so it has a long time in production and post-production before it will be ready to be released to the audience. We’d have to wait to get more details about the same.

If we had to estimate a potential date of the release, it would most likely be in 2024. So, until then, we’d have to either catch up on the two IT films or wait for further confirmed insights from the producers regarding the show’s progress.

What can we expect from Welcome to Derry?

Welcome to Derry will explore the origins of Pennywise and the town of Derry. The series is expected to be a prequel to the It films, but it is not yet clear how far back in time it will go. 

In a statement, Andy Muschietti said that Welcome to Derry will explore elements that are beyond what they showcased in the IT movies.

He also said that the series will be “a haunting and terrifying exploration of the town of Derry, Maine, and the evil that lurks beneath its surface.” If you are a fan of IT and have always wanted to explore the reason why Pennywise is the way he is and why things are so complicated in Derry, you’d have to wait for this series because it will answer all your questions.

Who will be cast in Welcome to Derry?

The entire cast of Welcome to Derry hasn’t been revealed yet. So, we’d share with you the list of people who are confirmed to feature in the show.

  • Jovan Adepo

Jovan Adepo

  • Chris Chalk

Chris Chalk

  • Taylour Paige

Taylour Paige

  • Stephen Rider

Stephen Rider

  • Madeleine Stowe

Madeleine Stowe

Any further characters and famous actors that are confirmed will be added to the article as we get further insights about the same.


Welcome to Derry will pack a lot of unexpected twists and dark turns in the show that will be quite expected. We don’t have any idea about the show’s confirmed plot yet, which is quite disappointing but what we do know is that the series will unfold horror and narration about Derry and Pennywise like never before.


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