Wakefield Season 2: Is the Season to Make a Comeback Soon?

Wakefield Season 2

Wakefield, a TV mini-series, made its debut with its first season in 2021 on ABC TV. In no time this 8-part Australian drama series had become quite popular among its viewers.

Australian CDs and TV programs are known to have a deep impact on the emotions of their audience. It is just how they are planned. They represent the thoughts and emotional processes that are functional underlying the maze of individual minds. This particular series was no exception.

It is of concern, however, for the fans as to whether or not the series would witness renewal. After almost 2 years of the release of its first season, the creators have not come up with any new information regarding an upcoming season.

Here are some bits and pieces of hints that are available throughout the media that could help us formulate a foggy answer regarding a follow-up season of Wakefield.

What is the release date of Wakefield Season 2?

Following its debut in April 2021, fans have been waiting for a follow-up season. The point at which season one had left off demands a next season that would either bring closure or ignite further questions for the viewers.

Unfortunately, no official news concerning the next season has been even slightly hinted at by the creators or the platform on which the show is to be aired. It is, therefore, absolutely not possible to predict a release date for Wakefield season 2 at the moment.

What could be the expected plot of Wakefield season 2?

Wakefield is set in and around the mesmerizing Blue Mountains of New South Wales. The narrative concerns itself with the challenges of dealing with post-traumatic disorder. It mostly focuses on the hospital staff and the patients of the psychiatric ward, highlighting the trials often faced in the management of psychiatric facilities.

Nik, one of the characters in the series, is shown to possess a remarkable psychic capability which becomes both occurs and a blessing to him. The character suffers vivid recollections of memories that should have been long forgotten. He is often tormented by family histories that should not be themes of reminiscence.

Season one ends with a wedding scene which, initially a setup of celebration, takes a horrifying turn as Nik suddenly gets seized by traumatic memories concerning a deceased sibling.

He Is immediately taken to the psychiatric ward where Kareena takes care of Nik. Kareena is one of the most compassionate staff members in the ward and helps Nik as he struggles to evade the torments of his mind and memory. The season ends in uncertainty as Nik lies in the hospital psychiatric ward not knowing what waits for him hereafter.

So, if a second season was to be launched, it could perhaps deal with how our protagonist battles his tormenting mind and emerges victorious. However, with no solid news at hand, it is difficult to contour the plot lines of a possible season 2 of Wakefield.

What is the possible cast of Wakefield Season 2?

Since no official cast has been declared for season 2 of Wakefield, here is a list of the actors who played recurring characters in the show. Most of these actors corresponding important characters in the drama can be expected to make a comeback in the next season of Wakefield too.

  • Rudi Dharmalingam

Rudi Dharmalingam

  • Geraldine Hakewill

Geraldine Hakewill

  • Harry Greenwood

Harry Greenwood

  • Bessie Holland

Bessie Holland

  • Mandy McElhinney

Mandy McElhinney

  • Felicity Ward

Felicity Ward

  • Sam Simmons

Sam Simmons

  • Guy Simon

Guy Simon

  • Victoria Haralabidou

Victoria Haralabidou

  • Kershawn Theodore

Kershawn Theodore

  • Shapoor Batliwalla

Shapoor Batliwalla

  • Nadee Kammellaweera

Nadee Kammellaweera

  • Alicia Gardiner

Alicia Gardiner

  • Dan Wyllie

Dan Wyllie

  • Richie Miller

Richie Miller

  • Monica Kumar

Monica Kumar

  • Miritana Hughes

Miritana Hughes

  • Nirish Bhat Surambadka
  • Pacharo Mzembe

Pacharo Mzembe

  • Henry Nixon

Henry Nixon

  • Harriet Dyer

Harriet Dyer


Sadly, no official update has been provided by the creators of Wakefield even after almost two years following the release of Season 1. The only thing the fans can do for now is to wait to watch.