UniteUp! Season 2: What, When, and Where?

UniteUp! Season 2

After a very successful season 1, UniteUp! is now back with a next season. The best and worst part about watching a gripping series is perhaps the wait. In the case of many such series, the creators often take quite a lot of time to announce any new updates on the series, testing the patience of the fans beyond imagination. UniteUp! fans are rather lucky in this regard.

After season one of the show premiered in 2023, the creators promised a release of the second season sometime in 2024. If you are excited about the new season of UniteUp! then keep reading. Here you will get all the details regarding the upcoming season of UniteUp! to the best of the information available at the time.

When is UniteUp! Season 2 going to be released?

The second season of this much-admired idol anime series is now in the making. There has been an official update given to the media by the production team of the show. The announcement was made during a recent live event of the project.

While this is happy news for the fans of the show, it should be clarified that no specific date has been announced as of yet for the premiere of the second season. Fans can surely hope that it will be announced soon enough.

What is the expected plot of UniteUp! Season 2?

Fans of the show will know that the series is about a group of budding idols as they find their way through their career path. With progress in the story of the series these aspiring idols come across the former members of the agency that they also work for. These members constituted one of the most legendary idol groups on stage during their time. However, the group was disbanded quite abruptly as it was at the peak of its popularity.

The members who had constituted that legendary group now run the agency for which our young idols work for

As this blend of former and younger idols mingle among themselves and compete in events, they embark on a journey of self-discovery. The journey follows the discovery of the young lads at the agency, and the retirement secrets of the former idols, while at the same time testing the potential of the aspiring idols.

Since no official trailer has been launched as of yet following the announcement of a second season being in progress, nothing can be said for sure regarding the events that might contour the plotline of the upcoming season. The fans can be sure, however, that season 2 would take it up from exactly where season one had left off and delivered with similar brilliance too.

What is the expected cast of UniteUp! Season 2?

The series has been directed by Shinichiro Ushijima. Credit for music and series composition for this series goes to Yuki Hayashi and Rino Yamazaki respectively. The charming and vibrant animation of the series is the production of Studio CloverWorks and Majiro and Kenju Segawa have designed those charming idol characters.

Moving on to the voice actors for the animated idols we see on screen, here is a list of the voiceover artists who make the show happen by lending emotions to our favorite idols:

  • Akira Kiyose – Kikunosuke Toya

Kikunosuke Toya

  • Banri Naoe – Ryotaro Yamaguchi

Ryotaro Yamaguchi

  • Chihiro Isuzugawa – Amon Hirai

Amon Hirai

  • Daiki Takao – Magura Sukegawa

Magura Sukegawa

  • Eishiro Nijo – Shinnosuke Morikage

Shinnosuke Morikage

  • Fuga Toga – Ryuichiro Sakata

Ryuichiro Sakata

  • Gakuto Haruka – Masa Homare
  • Katsura – Yuki Shimomae

Yuki Shimomae

  • Izumi Kashii – Takumi Magoshi

Takumi Magoshi

  • Jun Wakasa – Kosei Tsubokura

Kosei Tsubokura

  • Kanata Morinomiya – Gaku Takamoto

Gaku Takamoto

  • Otsuki – Soma Saito

Soma Saito

  • Maoto Tsujido – Yoshiki Nakajima

Yoshiki Nakajima


Nothing is yet known for certain regarding the specific details of the second season of the show UniteUp!, except for the fact that it is surely in the making. This is obvious the anticipation will keep on building throughout the fan base of the show. The fans can be certain to witness the magic happening with similar brilliance as on the previous season.