Unexpected Season 6 – Is TLC Bringing the Show Back with A New Season?

Unexpected Season 6

Teenage hormones, family drama, and the life-altering journey of parenthood collide once again in TLC’s beloved reality show, Unexpected. If you are completely new, Unexpected explores the lives of real-life young couples, including teenagers, who are navigating unplanned pregnancies.

The raw emotions and unfiltered showcase of young peoples’ lives as they navigate through unexpected situations and a baby is something which captivated the attention of the audience quite well.

If you have finished watching the first five seasons of Unexpected, we have all the details regarding Season 6 in this article.

When is Unexpected Season 6 Releasing?

Following the final episode of Season 5, the fans have already been hopeful that the show will be renewed for a new season.

However, it seems like that won’t be happening anytime soon. TLC has yet to share any official news about the show’s renewal for a new season. This is the first sign that the release will eventually be delayed.

Will the show be canceled? That doesn’t seem like a possibility as well since the official network and the creators have not shared any news about a confirmed cancellation of the show yet. This means that we can remain hopeful about a potential release sometime in the future.

Some of the show’s writers have hinted about a potential renewal in the future. However, with the lack of concrete evidence related to the show’s production, it is difficult to conclude right away.

What can we expect from Unexpected Season 6?

Get ready for a fresh batch of baby bumps, heartbreaks, and unexpected twists. New faces will fill the screen, bringing their unique stories and struggles to the spotlight. Relationships will be tested, support systems will be challenged, and tough decisions will loom large. 

Will high school sweethearts survive the demands of parenthood? Can estranged families bridge the gap for the sake of their grandchild? What happens when unexpected news throws a curveball into an already complicated situation? 

Season 6 promises to keep viewers on the edge of their seats, offering relatable dramas and heartwarming insights into the lives of these extraordinary young parents. To be fair, the reason why the show has gained so much traction is due to the drama and it looks like things will extrapolate into the sixth season too.

Who is returning on Unexpected Season 6?

With no official news about Unexpected Season 6 yet from TLC, it is difficult to assume who will return to the show. We do get to witness new couples grace the show, so we can remain hopeful that would be the case in the sixth season too.


Unexpected Season 6 is gearing up to be another emotional rollercoaster filled with unexpected turns and heartwarming moments. So, clear your schedules, stock up on tissues, and prepare to witness the extraordinary journeys of these young couples as they navigate life’s biggest surprise – parenthood. Once we get further confirmation from TLC, be assured that the same will be updated in the article too.


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