Queen Sugar Season 8 – Has It Come to An End?

Queen Sugar Season 8

For seven seasons, OWN’s “Queen Sugar” captivated audiences with its rich portrayal of Black family life, community building, and social justice. However, it looks like that’s the end of the show because Queen Sugar will not be renewed for Season 8 in the future.

The Bordelon sisters – Nova, Charley, and Ralph Angel – navigated triumphs and struggles against the backdrop of their beloved Louisiana sugarcane farm, leaving viewers yearning for more with each poignant episode, only to be disappointed.

If you are still hopeful about Queen Sugar Season 8 and its eventual release, we have all the details in this article.

When is Queen Sugar Season 8 Releasing?

The seventh season of Queen Sugar was released on September 06, 2022, and the creators and network have confirmed that it would be the end of the series.

Some of the fans are still hopeful that the show will be renewed for a new season in the future but to no avail. None of that is going to amount to anything at this point. One of the reasons why most fans are hoping for a renewal is to get the closure that they didn’t get with the ending of Season 7.

However, with the creator Ava DuVernay and the network OWN depicting that they don’t plan on bringing the show back anytime in the future, it is safe to assume that it is not going to happen. Whether or not a new network picks up the show in the future remains a question mark right now.

What can we expect from Queen Sugar Season 8?

A potential eighth season could delve deeper into the seeds sown during the finale. Charley, finally at peace with her past in Hollywood, might fully embrace her role as the farm’s matriarch, mentoring young farmers and expanding the community outreach programs. Nova, having successfully launched her Liberty Hill school, could focus on educational reform and tackling systemic inequalities in the education system.

Many fans have depicted that their favorite character Nova didn’t get the closure she should have gotten with the show’s end. 

So, if Queen Sugar was renewed for Season 8, we could have finally witnessed Nova getting the closure that she should have gotten. However, that’s not going to happen, so what you have to do is settle for what’s already released.

Who is returning to Queen Sugar Season 8?

Although Queen Sugar Season 8 isn’t likely going to amount to anything, we could have witnessed the OG cast make a return in the new season, including:

  • Rutina Wesley as Nova Bordelon 
  • Dawn-Lyen Gardner as Charley Bordelon 
  • Kofi Siriboe as Ralph Angel Bordelon 
  • Omar Dorsey as Hollywood Desautel 
  • Nicholas L. Ashe as Micah Townsend 
  • Dondré T. Whitfield as Remy Prudent 
  • Tina Lifford as Aunt Vi Bordelon


The end of Queen Sugar has left a lot of the fans disappointed and what has further contributed to it is the lack of return of the series with a new season. Fans are expressing their anguish over the fact that so many of the characters haven’t received the closure they deserved with the ending of Season 7. But, it looks like the creators don’t plan on bringing the show back in the future.


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