Producer Michael Net Worth – How Much Is the Luxury YouTuber Worth?

Producer Michael Net Worth

One of the leading and enigmatic personalities on YouTube, Producer Michael is a name that doesn’t await anyone’s introduction. He is a famous YouTube personality, social media influencer, and business professional, who rose to fame showcasing his luxurious lifestyle.

Besides establishing a well-off career on YouTube, Michael is also a record producer and musician, so it is safe to say that his career is pretty diverse. He has worked with leading musicians, which has put him on the map and catapulted his net worth.

This article will further explore Producer Michael, his rise to fame, and his current net worth.

Early life

Born as Michael Blakely, Producer Michael was born on December 08, 1958, in London, which is where he spent the majority of his childhood. There isn’t much public information available regarding Michael’s childhood and even he doesn’t delve much into it.

However, Michael always had a passion for music, which pushed him to leave home and shift to Germany, where he worked as the resident producer at the famous Hansa Studios. He did all of that at the mere age of 19.

Later, seeing his talent, he was hired by Atico Record for Tidal Force. He played the drums in the group and also took part in their songwriting sessions. 

Personal Life

Despite the worldwide success that Michael has acquired online and among the global audience, he still likes to keep his private business away from the media. He is married to his wife, Sasha Blakely since 2008 and the couple have a daughter together.

The entire family is located in Los Angeles at present but they are also true to their roots and have a home in London as well.


Kickstarting his career at an early age, Producer Michael hasn’t looked back since he started working in music at the age of 19.

Following playing in Tidal Force for three years, Michael went on to work independently and launched three record labels. He has collaborated with leading recording companies like Universal Music, Warner Bros, etc.

Michael is also the co-founder of 2KSounds, a company that was the first to promote the distribution of music on the Internet, making it accessible to people from anywhere in the world. Given the kind of innovations that Michael has introduced throughout his career, it isn’t surprising that he has sold over 100 million album copies under his labels.

Besides working as a producer, Michael has also composed several hits with leading musicians and created music for TV shows as well. You can find some of his songs in mainstream movies like Shaft (2002) and The Concert (2009). At present, Michael owns and runs Electra Star Management, which is his firm.

Net Worth

Producer Michael has an estimated net worth between $60-$80 million. Since there isn’t an exact breakdown of his investment portfolio and earnings, it is impossible to suggest a standard answer. That said, with the diverse business ventures that he owns and the kind of success he has acquired throughout his career, it isn’t surprising that he has such a steep valuation.