Top 10 Trending Technologies in 2021 You Need To Learn

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Technology in the 21st century keeps changing and improving at a rapid space. Some technology that we know today, turns obsolete in just a week. Tons of money is invested in the field of development and research. Starting from scientists to computer professionals, everyone is busy inventing new technology that can be useful to humankind.

We are almost heading to the end of 2020. This year has been promising just like any other year in terms of technological development. Come whatever may, nothing can stop the emerging new technologies every year. Today, in this post, we are going to take the opportunity to discuss some of the technologies that hold the future of humankind.

List Of Technologies 2021

Learning and developing new skills in this technological age is of crucial importance. This is why we bring to you the top 10 technologies that you should know about.

1. Artificial Intelligence

By now, we have all heard about artificial intelligence or AI. This is one of the most fascinating inventions by mankind. This technology comes with endless applications and is expected to shape the future of gadgets and the technological world.

AI is equipped with computer systems so that they can make decisions like humans. The main aim is to enable the system to copy human intelligence to help it to perform tasks like speech recognition, pattern recognition, medical diagnosis, and weather forecast.

2. Internet of Things

The internet of things or IoT is another great technology invented by humans. It is a vast network of devices that are linked to each other to share and transfer data. The system is equipped with a powerful computer chip that promotes the exchange of data and information. The good thing about this system is that it can be used via Wi-Fi.

According to experts, by the time we reach 2025, around 40 billion devices will be powered by IoT. This technology is improving and growing like anything before. With the use of IoT, you cannot only establish a connection between various devices but also them remotely.

3. Blockchain

Blockchain can be simply described as electronic currency which is called cryptocurrencies. The invention of the blockchain has changed the face of the monetary world. It is considered to be a safe way of carrying on transactions as no third-party can interfere in it. Although this technology is yet to be implemented in many of the countries, it is updating at a very fast space.

The best thing about this system is that it is highly secure. Most importantly, it eliminates the need for you to pay any centralised authority like the government or banks.

4. Data Science

Data science is the kind of technology that helps you to make sense of complicated data. Every data a massive amount of data is produced in the data sets form which is mainly unstructured. The main objective of data science is to turn these data sets into structured data sets.

These structured data sets can be used to identify and understand various trends and patterns. This in return will help experts to understand the company’s problem areas, performance, and customer retention. With the help of this technology, the overall productivity of a company can be improved.

5. Robotic Process Automation

The next technology we have is the robotic process automation or RPA. This technology helps automate our everyday tasks such as replying to emails, handling business data, and processing transactions. This makes the process fast and also reduces human errors.

The best thing about RPA is that it can automate around 45% of our daily tasks. Many of the repetitive tasks can be automated with the help of RPA. However, this technology can eliminate many jobs.

6. Virtual Reality 

Virtual Reality or VR is a big right now. It has taken the gaming industry by storm. Although it is still under the development stage, it is expected to have great potential. The main purpose of VR is to produce a computer-simulated environment that looks real but it’s not.

Right now, this technology is very popular in the gaming industry, but in the future, it can be applied in many other fields. It can simulate senses such as hearing, touch, vision, and smell. All this can be experienced with the help of a VR headset. This technology is also used for navy, military, and coast guards.

7. Intelligent Applications

By intelligent apps, we mean the applications that are equipped with AI components such as deep learning, machine learning, robotics, natural language processing, and data analytics. This technology is useful in making real-time decisions.

Some examples of intelligent apps are Google Assistant, Siri, and Alexa. Many of us use these apps in our daily lives.

8. Edge computing

This is one of the latest technologies that have been invented by humankind. The main aim is to bring computer power close to the data source so that latency and bandwidth can be reduced. It is expected that by 2022, edge computing will result in a $7 billion market.

This particular technology will be popular in fields such as retail, healthcare, and manufacturing. This means it will also pave the way for many new job opportunities.

9. 5G Network

Just a year back we were using 4G and now we are in the 5G stage. The evolution of the 5g network has been a boon for businesses. It is considered to be the future of communication.

The best thing about the 5G network is the speed which is expected to be at 20 GB/s. We have not experienced any network as fast as 5G. Therefore, this is a big thing in the technological world.

10. Autonomous Driving

Companies like Waymo, Tesla, and Alphabet have been promoting autonomous vehicles for a long time now. This technology enables a car to be driverless which itself is an exciting thing. Tesla already has designs ready which are considered to be futuristic cars.

With the help of this technology, functions like lane changing and braking can be automated. Although this technology is still under development, it is expected to have great potential.

With the emergence of technologies like these, our lives are becoming more advanced. In simple words, these technologies are going to shape the future of humankind for the better.


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