Tower Of God Chapter 592: What is In Store in the Upcoming Chapter?

Tower Of God Chapter 592

Just seeing the number of chapters should be a dead giveaway as to how interactive and engaging the manga is. The readers have dedicatedly been reading this manga for 500+ chapters now. The last chapter did leave the readers on a cliffhanger.

If you have yet to read Chapter 591, we witnessed how the commander of Lobadon pays attention to Kirin and prioritizes their well-being. Yuri and Tiara are also quite surprised by Kirin’s sudden entry into the battleship.

With the tension rising, it looks like Tower of God Chapter 592 will involve a lot of unexpected developments that the readers will not expect. We have all the details lined up for you here.

When is Tower of God Chapter 592 Released?

Given that Tower of God is a manga that has been running for quite some time now, starting this long stretch of manga can be a little intimidating.

Before you do that, let us walk you through the premise of the manga a bit so you know what you are getting yourself into.

The premise of the Tower of God manga is that a young boy named Twenty-Fifth Bam wakes up in an unknown and sketchy tower. The only person he has for a company with him is Rachel, his friend. Bam is quite disappointed with Rachel’s entry inside the tower but finds a way to open the tower’s door.

With the dedication that Bam has in wanting to meet Rachel again, he is determined to go through all extents and challenges to make that happen. Also, to introduce, the Tower is the place where people come from around to achieve some of their wildest dreams.

Bam’s only wish and determination is to reach the top of the Towers. But, he is aware that the process of it happening won’t be as easy. During that process, he is faced with a variety of challenges and has to ward off powerful enemies along the way as well.

If you are wondering about the release dates of Tower of God Chapter 592, the following are the ones you need to keep note of:

Time zones Date Day Time
Indian Standard Time (IST) October 08, 2023 Sunday 06:30 PM
Central European Time (EDT) October 08, 2023 Sunday 03:00 PM
British Summer Time (BST) October 08, 2023 Sunday 02:00 PM
Singapore Standard Time (SGT) October 08, 2023 Sunday 09:00 PM
Japanese Standard Time (JST) October 08, 2023 Sunday 10:00 PM
Korean Standard Time (KST) October 08, 2023 Sunday 10:00 PM
Australian Capital Territory (AEST) October 08, 2023 Sunday 11:00 PM

Note: If the creators of the manga end up delaying the release due to technical issues, we will update you accordingly.

Tower of God Chapter 592 – What to expect?

There are a lot of ways the plot of this manga could progress in Chapter 592. With Kirin finally reuniting with Yuri and Tiara, things aren’t going to get better magically.

Unfortunately, the battle is still on and the enemies are still very much active. All three of them might have to overcome a series of challenges in the upcoming chapter, which would be interesting to see.

Where can I read Tower of God Chapter 592?

Tower of God Chapter 592 will be available on Naver Webtoon. The good news is that both the raw scans and the English translation will be available there.


Tower of God is one of those manga series that doesn’t get boring even with 500+ chapters. If you are keeping up with this manga in real time and have been excited to see what happens in Chapter 592, we have all the insights sorted out in this guide for you.


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