Boy’s Abyss Chapter 152: Talking About the Release Dates and Predictions

Boy’s Abyss Chapter 152

It is not every day that you come across manga in the psychological thriller genre. But, if the concept sounds interesting to you, we’d 100% recommend you read Boy’s Abyss. The plot and progression of this manga are quite fascinating to read.

In the previous chapter, Chapter 151, which was titled “Echoes of the Past,” we witnessed a key turning point in the stories of Nagi and Reiji. It also gives us a better understanding of Nagi’s past life and the kind of obstacles she has had to overcome.

With such a vital end of the chapter, it looks like Chapter 152 will bring further extension and explanation of their lives and what led them to the point of life they are in.

When is Boy’s Abyss Chapter 152 Released?

The genre of psychological thriller isn’t for everyone and given the kind of premise that this manga series has, it is crucial that one treads with caution. The story comes with trigger warnings and might not be everyone’s cup of tea.

If you are wondering about the manga’s premise, let us sort that out for you first.

The premise of the manga Boy’s Abyss is that a high school boy named Reiji Kurose encounters a famous idol named Nagi Aoe in his small town. 

Nagi is on hiatus from her idol career and is employed as a convenience store clerk. She tells Reiji about a place that happens to be titled the “Lover’s Abyss”, a place that’s known for being the spot where couples commit suicide. 

Reiji and Nagi attempt suicide together, but they are rescued. Reiji is rescued by Yuri Shibasawa, whose main objective is to protect him. However, Reiji is soon drawn into a web of lies, betrayal, and dark secrets.

Now that you have a brief idea about the manga’s premise, kindly keep in mind that only read the manga if you aren’t easily triggered by such factors. Following are the release dates of Boy’s Abyss Chapter 152:

Time zones Date Day Time
Indian Standard Time (IST) October 08, 2023 Sunday 08:30 PM
Central European Time (EDT) October 08, 2023 Sunday 05:00 PM
British Summer Time (BST) October 08, 2023 Sunday 04:00 PM
Singapore Standard Time (SGT) October 08, 2023 Sunday 11:00 PM
Japanese Standard Time (JST) October 09, 2023 Monday 12:00 AM
Korean Standard Time (KST) October 09, 2023 Monday 12:00 AM
Australian Capital Territory (AEST) October 09, 2023 Monday 01:00 AM

The chapters of this manga are quite frequently updated and on time. So, we are hoping there won’t be any changes to the release date. But, if it does, we will keep you updated with the new release dates as well.

Boy’s Abyss Chapter 152 – What to Expect?

With the way Chapter 151 ended, we can very well hope that Chapter 152 will involve a heart-to-heart between Nagi and Reiji. They will be vulnerable about their past, their feelings, and emotions, and a lot of things will unfold in the new chapter.

Additionally, Nagi might confide in Reiji about the theft of her phone and the kind of fear she harbors about Shibasawa, seeking help from Reiji.

Where can I read Boy’s Abyss Chapter 152?

The raw scan of Boy’s Abyss Chapter 152 will be available on three platforms – Tonarinoyj, Young Jump, and Ynjn. We don’t have updates about the English translation yet.


Boy’s Abyss is one of those mangas that leave you in pain but also heals your heart at the same time. Getting to witness your favorite characters interacting in the story and being vulnerable with each other about their horrific pasts is quite engaging. A lot is coming in Chapter 152, so hang in there.


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