This Fool Season 3 – Everything to Know About the Renewal Status

This Fool Season 3

Remember Julio Lopez, the lovable yet flawed sanitation worker navigating life’s messy crossroads in South Central L.A.? Well, get ready for another heartwarming and hilarious ride because This Fool will come back with a third season sometime soon.

Hulu is quite prompt with their renewals but given that the second season wrapped up in 2023 and it has only been a few months since then, expecting a new season right off the bat seems a little greedy.

We will explore all the details about This Fool Season 3, its renewal status and also eventual release and expected plot.

When is This Fool Season 3 Releasing?

Hulu has not shared any update regarding the release of This Fool Season 3 just yet. The second season, which was a huge success wrapped up in July 2023, so it hasn’t been a long time since then.

Given that shows like these take a significant amount of time to produce, it makes sense that nothing has been confirmed or set in stone just yet. A lot of things are complicated at the moment, so it is a matter of when things pan out for the ones involved to make the official announcement.

There are rumors that the third season could be released sometime in 2024 end or in 2025. However, these are speculations at this point. Some fans have even expressed their disappointment at the fact that Hulu has at least not renewed the show for a third season to provide the fans with assurance.

What can we expect from This Fool Season 3?

Remember Julio, the ex-gang member working at a Hugs Not Thugs outreach program? Expect him to navigate the complexities of his newfound sobriety while juggling family pressures and the temptations of the streets. His best friend, the sharp-witted but troubled Andre, will likely grapple with his burgeoning music career and the ghosts of his past. 

And then there’s the always-hilarious Mary, whose dry humor and unwavering loyalty will continue to be a beacon of strength for the crew. But This Fool isn’t just about the mainstays. Season 3 is expected to expand on the lives of supporting characters like the quick-tongued Cousin Eddie, the enigmatic Pope, and the ever-optimistic Hakim. 

We might even see new faces joining the fold, adding fresh perspectives and dynamics to the show’s already vibrant tapestry. One thing’s for sure: This Fool won’t shy away from the tough stuff. Expect to see the characters grapple with issues like gentrification, police brutality, and the cyclical nature of poverty. But amidst the hardship, there will always be humor, heart, and a profound sense of community. 

Who is returning to This Fool Season 3?

Given that the first two seasons witnessed the main cast return, it is safe to assume the same would be the case with the third season as well.

The returning cast would include:

  • Julius Sharpe (Amir Asante) 
  • Andre Johnson (Joel Kim Booster) 
  • Mary Reed (Natalia Dyer) 
  • Cousin Eddie (McKinley Belcher III) 
  • Pope (Jonathan Kite) 
  • Hakim (Kareem Kew-Kew Jones)

New supporting or even main characters could be added in the new season as well. We’d just need to wait for the release.


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