All the Queen’s Men Season 4 – Will Madam Rule Supreme in the Fourth Season?

All the Queen's Men Season 4

Atlanta’s hottest nightclub Eden has once again gone dark, leaving fans of “All the Queen’s Men” yearning for the electrifying return of Marilyn “Madam” DeVille and her entourage.

With how the first three seasons panned out, it is safe to assume that things are left in a lot of mystery at the moment and the audience is on the lookout for answers. The finale of the third season left the viewers scrounging for more details.

If you are sitting there wondering what’s in store in All the Queen’s Men Season 4, you have arrived at the right place.

When is All the Queen’s Men Season 4 Releasing?

For the new viewers who don’t seem to have a lot of understanding about All the Queen’s Men and the show in general, it airs on BET+. So, any news related to the show’s renewal is dependent on what the network decides.

With the success of the third season and how they ended the show so abruptly, it is safe to assume that things will not be ending anytime soon. So, a renewal for a new season seems highly likely.

BET+ has yet to officially confirm further details related to the fourth season’s renewal, so it seems like we’d have to wait to see how things pan out in the future. Tyler Perry, the show’s mastermind, has remained tight-lipped about a renewal, but considering his recent focus on BET+, a fourth season wouldn’t be entirely unexpected.

What can we expect from All the Queen’s Men Season 4?

Season 3 saw Madam grappling with internal demons and external threats. Her battle with addiction threatened her empire, while a ruthless rival, Miss Thang, aimed to steal the spotlight. In Season 4, we might see Madam emerge from the ashes, stronger and more determined. 

Her nightclub, Eden, could undergo a luxurious expansion, solidifying her position as Atlanta’s ultimate nightlife queen. However, success often attracts unwanted attention, and Madam could find herself facing new enemies, both within her inner circle and from the shadows of the city’s underbelly.

Of course, a return wouldn’t be complete without the iconic characters who make “All the Queen’s Men” so captivating. We can expect to see the loyal Amp “Addiction” Anthony navigating Madam’s ever-shifting moods, while the charming Rome Flynn might return with a newfound agenda.

In conclusion, while Season 4 of “All the Queen’s Men” remains shrouded in mystery, the potential for more drama, power struggles, and Madam’s signature ruthless ambition is undeniable.

Who is returning to All the Queen’s Men Season 4?

If the show gets a reboot and renewal, the fourth season will return with all the OG cast from the first three seasons, including:

  • Eva Marcille as Marilyn “Madam” DeVille
  • Skyh Black as Amp “Addiction” Anthony
  • Keith Robinson as Rome Flynn
  • Logan Browning as Miss Lola
  • Christian Keyes as LJ

Pretty much everything that we hear about this show at the moment is whispers in the court.


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