This Fool Season 2: Release Date Announced!!

This Fool Season 2

Good news for This Fool fans! It was very apparent after the first season of This Fool that the unsentimental comedy series was here to stay for some time. Released in 2022, the series was released on Hulu and now is all set for a second season.

Fans have been eagerly waiting for the announcement of a second season even as the first season was just ending. It is now officially the season of good news for the viewers of the show as the creators have finally come up with the release date of This Fool season 2.

Below you can find out a recap of what the plot so far has been, what to expect in This Fool season 2, and of course, the release date of the same.

What is the release date of This Fool season 2?

After what can safely be classified as a short wait regarding television series, Hulu and the production team of This Fool have announced the release of a new season for the show to be premiered in July 2023. More specifically the show is all set to release on 28th July, 2023.

Ever since the wrap of Season 1, This Fool fans have been waiting patiently for a follow-up season of the show. Their patience has finally paid off as the comedy is all set to make a comeback in July 2023.

What is the plot of This Fool Season 2?

In the second season of This Fool, the viewers can expect to see the premise on which the first season had built unfurl further taking up from where season 1 had left off. Set in the backdrop of a working-class community-based in South Central Los Angeles, this comedy series explores an interesting take on the dynamics existent in a community. It shows how the characters carry on even as occasionally persistent problems lay drilled in the paths of their lives.

Julio Lopez is a 30 years old man who lives with his mother and grandmother in his childhood home. He is seen as evading his responsibilities wherever, whenever, and however he can. Instead of facing the struggles rather eminent in his community, he subscribes to a life of comfort in his childhood home. He is also seen to be caught in on-again-off-again situations with his high school sweetheart.

The story takes off as Julio joins a Non-profit Organisation named Hugs Not Thugs, which works towards re-orienting former criminals onto the path of straight and respectable lives. Here Julio meets his cousin Luis who has recently been let out of jail and comes to live with Julio and his family.

The second season follows the turns that familial relations take as the cousins explore their bond and how Julio figures out his responsibilities towards his family.

What is the cast of This Fool Season 2?

  • Chris Estrada as Julio Lopez

Chris Estrada

  • Frankie Quinones as Luis

Frankie Quinones

  • Michelle Ortiz as Maggie

Michelle Ortiz

  • Laura Patalano as Esperanza

Laura Patalano

  • Julia Vera as Maria

Julia Vera

  • Michael Imperioli as Minister Payne

Michael Imperioli


This Fool is set to hit the Hulu platform in July 2023. The fans can expect the same brilliance that season 1 was blessed with. With an ensemble cast of skilled actors possessing on-point comic timing and a genuine narrative technique, This Fool Season 2 is expected to stand up to the expectations it has set in the minds of its fans. 

The take that the series takes on the struggles of the community is indeed refreshing while not ever denying the struggles faced by the community.