Pretty Smart Season 2: When’s the New Season Coming?

Pretty Smart Season 2

Pretty Smart is a contemporary sitcom much in the manner of the late 90s television shows such as F.R.I.E.N.D.S and The Big Bang Theory. The first season of the show had released on October 20 21. The show was released on Netflix and immediately struck the funny bone that it had intended to.

Ever since the end of season one, there has been news circulating regarding the cancellation of the show. The fans and viewers of the show believe it to be very unfortunate if the show was really to be canceled after just one season.

Even though there is no official update regarding an upcoming season of Pretty Smart, there remains always a chance for the same, especially since season one left off at a cliffhanger. Here are some crucial speculations regarding the release date and plot of a potential Season 2 of Pretty Smart.

When is Pretty Smart season 2 going to release?

No official date has been provided for Pretty Smart season 2. The creators of the show are yet to announce any solid information regarding a possible follow-up season that would bring closure to the fans.

The viewers of the show still keep hoping for the best. However, nothing can be said for sure regarding a possible release date of Pretty Smart season 2. Information concerning the same can be updated only after some lead from the production team regarding the making of a Season 2.  

What is the probable plot of Pretty Smart Season 2?

The series follows the journey of Chelsea who has graduated from Harvard and is an aspiring novelist. She moves in with her sister, Claire. Claire is a much more easy going and fun-loving individual than Chelsea who is more uptight and more of a conventional intellectual. Claire lives with a bunch of similarly easy-going friends of hers.

When Chelsea moves in with Claire, the former is already apprehensive regarding her stay with this seemingly shallow bunch. Season one of the show ends with Chelsea telling Claire that she has something to talk to her about. The matter is regarding a boy with whom even Claire seems to have a history.

It is because season one ends at a cliffhanger, and the fans are more eagerly waiting for a follow-up season. It is going to be fun to watch an uptight intellectual search as Chelsea tumbles on her way as she tries to figure out her emotions and balance her desires alongside her relationship with her sister.

What is the possible cast for Pretty Smart season 2?

The production team has not yet come up with any sort of official announcement regarding a follow-up season on Pretty Smart. Even the cast members who had initially featured in season one are also keeping mum about it. Here is a list of the actors and their corresponding characters that made recurring appearances in the first season of the show and our most expected to make a comeback if and when a second season was announced.

  • Emily Osment as Chelsea
  • Gregg Sulkin as Grant
  • Olivia Macklin as Claire
  • Cinthya Carmona as Solana
  • Michael Hsu Rosen as Jayden
  • Geoff Ross as Howard
  • Kevin Miles as Dave
  • Raphael Chestang as Michael
  • Robert Belushi as Johnson
  • Molly Ephraim as Margot Wainwright
  • John Gemberling as Cody Briggs
  • Logan Jennings as Kai
  • Ming-Na Wen as Jasmine
  • Jessica Pohly as Patron
  • Dante Swain as Peter
  • Becky Yamamoto as Irma
  • Lian Castillo as Dillon
  • Sarahjeen Francois as Masseuse
  • Jon Gabrus as Sauna Gary
  • Felice Heather Monteith as Athena
  • Alexandra Scott as Jane
  • Stephanie Styles as Karen
  • Walter Addison as Elderly Man
  • Kyle Jones as Aaron
  • Brian Kamei as Normand
  • Imani Love as Tiffany
  • Duke Van Patten as Steve
  • Angela as Alise as Elyse
  • David Gridley as Topher
  • Phylicia Wissa as Liz


Following the ending of season one of Pretty Smart, there was news doing the rounds that speculated that the show stood canceled. Fans, however, keep waiting. After all, the creators owe it to their fans to offer them a proper closure.