Heartland Season 17: “There is No Such Thing as Death, Just a Continuation of Spirit”

Heartland Season 17

It is almost just as Victor Whitetail had claimed in the Second season of the show; there perhaps indeed is no such thing as death, only a continuation of spirit. This statement proves especially correct when seen from the perspective of the show in which it was said. 

Heartland has now become the longest-running show in the history of Canadian television. Even if the series was ever to end, its essence would live on in the hearts of its passionate fans. As of now, the series is far from announcing a wrap as news of the show’s 17th season being in the making has been doing the rounds for some time now.

If you have been a zealous fan of the show from its early days and are now very obviously excited at the news of another upcoming season, then here is a quick recap to get you all revised on the series so far. As you read on you could also get an idea as to what to expect of the show and the cast of the show.

What is the release date of Heartland Season 17?

Heartland first premiered in October 2007. The series features different episodes directed by a plethora of talented directors and is based on a book series by Lauren Brooke. This Canadian comedy-drama series with its outstanding record of over 200 episodes spread across 16 seasons has been successful in keeping its audience captivated for such a long period without comprising quality.

After accomplishing such a successful run the series has confirmed a next season that is to become the 17th season of the show. The work is said to be in progress and the season is expected to be premiered sometime towards the end of 2023.

What is the plot of Heartfelt Season 17?

This Canadian comedy television series is essentially a family drama that chronicles Amy and her elder sister Lou Fleming. They live with their widowed grandfather and their father at their family ranch located in Alberta. To help with the household chores the family hires an extra set of hands to help and calls on deck Ty Borden.

The basic plot of the series thus revolves around the familial bonds and the friendships that the characters develop among themselves.

While no solid news regarding the events that would contour the plot line of the upcoming season of Heartland is available as of yet, the viewers could expect the series to maintain a similar foundation upon which the previous seasons of the series had been based. The season could be expected to follow similar character development arcs and tropes as were found in its predecessors.

Who are the probable cast members of Heartland Season 17?

Similar to the plot, the cast also can be expected to remain unaltered to great extents. Here are the actors who have played recurring characters in the series so far and are sure to grace the season with their talent this time too:

  • Amber Marshall

Amber Marshall

  • Shaun Johnston

Shaun Johnston

  • Michelle Morgan

Michelle Morgan

  • Chris Potter

Chris Potter

  • Graham Wardle

Graham Wardle

  • Alisha Newton

Alisha Newton

  • Kerry James

Kerry James

  • Jessica Steen

Jessica Steen

A final list is yet to be confirmed by the creators and can only be formulated once the trailer for the season is launched.


Heartland has not only become one of the longest-running shows in television history but has also retained its place in the hearts of its viewers. Its popularity is perhaps greatly due to the family-friendly and humorous content that the show features. It is now only a matter of a short while till a new season of the beloved show is premiered.