The Best Fitness Video Games

The Best Fitness Video Games

If you are under the misapprehension that video gaming is an activity undertaken by lazy people, you would be well advised to revise your viewpoint.

That’s according to recent research by Betway, which found that a 90-minute gaming session on Fortnite can burn as many calories as performing 353 squats.

Given this remarkable discovery, it is little wonder that developers have taken things a step further by creating fitness-based video games.

Whether you are looking for a complete workout or just something to improve your cardio, here are some of the best fitness video games on the market.

Until You Fall

Virtual reality (VR) technology has fired gaming into another stratosphere, allowing developers to push way beyond the limitations placed on them by traditional video games.

One of the best examples of this in action is Until You Fall – a wonderfully immersive game that will soon have you working up a sweat.

After choosing two weapons, you have to attack enemies to damage their armour, before slicing manically to whittle down their health.

You also have to use your arms and whole body to incoming attacks, making this one of the best games for fitness money can buy.

Active Arcade

Active Arcade is one of a new wave of mobile-based games designed to provide you with a full body workout each day.

It puts you inside the game by using your natural body movement as the game controller. Interactive elements immerse you within the game environment.

Active Arcade helps people get moving with only their mobile device – no expensive equipment, no wearables and no hardcore fitness routines.

The game is hugely accessible, meaning that people of all ages and abilities can use it to build fitness activities into their daily regime.

Ring Fit Adventure

Ring Fit Adventure is the perfect blend of gaming and fitness, providing players with intensive exercise while having plenty of fun.

You will need to squat, crunch and dodge your way to victory as you strive to defeat a ripped bodybuilding dragon called Dragaux.

If the story mode is a little to daunting for you, Ring Fit Adventure also features a range of individual workouts and mini-games that focus on specific parts of your body.

To play Ring Fit Adventure you will need a Nintendo Switch and a Ring Fit device, but this is generally supplied with the game.

Just Dance

Just Dance does exactly what it says on the tin by using the medium of dance to give your body a daily workout.

Start your own routine with the Sweat Mode and keep yourself motivated by tracking the time spent dancing and calories burned.

You can team up with friends and share the fun, or fire up the Kid Mode to ensure the youngsters in your household can dance themselves silly.

When you have got yourself in shape, join the enhanced World Dance Floor to compete online against other players worldwide.