The 10 best right-backs in the world

The 10 best right-backs in the world

Dani Alves on the right with Barcelona

The position of right-back in today’s football is a very complicated one, so much so that there are not that many players who dominate the area. Teams struggle to find a good right-back and are willing to pay millions for someone like the ones on this list. 

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These are the best right-backs in the world at the moment 

  1. Takehiro Tomiyasu

The 23-year-old Japanese gem has developed into a great defender. His quality means he can play at centre-back or on the right, which is his natural position. He is a great playmaker, and his speed and good touch make him a constant attacking threat. 

Defensively, his physical strength makes him impassable on the right flank. When he plays at centre-back he suffers a bit, but he has been able to adapt and when needed he is the leader of the defensive backline for his team, Arsenal. 

In Italy, he was great as his performances for Bologna put him on the map, which led the Gunners to invest 15 million for him. With his national team, he is an undisputed starter and hopes to have a great performance in the next winter World Cup. 

  1. Denzel Dumfries

The Dutchman dominates the right flank at will and with Inter Milan has done an exceptional job, so much so that several teams have looked to him to strengthen their defence and boost their attack, because the player is tireless and when he offends he is dangerous. 

His physicality makes him unstoppable, but he still has some deficiencies in his game. His crosses are not the best, but lately, he has improved in that aspect and has served many passes that have generated danger.  

Dumfries’ qualities make him a defender with a lot of qualities who recovers a lot of balls on his flank and immediately projects himself into the attack to participate in the offensive. The Italian team trusted him and so far he has not disappointed. 

8.Sergiño Dest 

The American went through a slump in the middle of the season because Xavi did not trust him much, but with hard work and managed to convince the Catalan coach who began to give him many more minutes.  

Dest is a player with a lot of potential, he has a very refined individual technique and his ball control with speed is impeccable, which makes him a lethal offensive weapon. Defensively he could improve because he has a hard time coming back and sometimes loses his position, which was noticeable in Barcelona and that’s why he lost minutes. 

When he is concentrated, he is a great full-back who offers many guarantees, both offensively and defensively. He is one of the few defenders in the world who can score goals from a position so far back. When Dest is committed, he is one of the best in the world. 

  1. Benjamin Pavard

Pavard can play in any position in defence. His commitment is total because if you need to cover any area, he can do it without any problem because of his excellent individual technique.  

His natural position is on the right, and with his national team, he has proven to be someone who becomes a defensive wall and offensively offers goals like the one he scored against Argentina in the 2018 World Cup. An unforgettable goal. 

With Bayern, he can appear on the left, in the centre, and on the right, there is no area that is complicated for him. But when he shines the most is on the right, his natural profile. There he can offer a lot of danger in attack. Champion of everything he has played is always a key player.

  1. João Cancelo 

Under Guardiola, he has evolved into a defensive midfielder, but his natural position is right-back. His individual technique makes him an important offensive force as his passing is superb and in one-on-one situations he is unbeatable. 

His reading of the game is exceptional. From his right flank, he can initiate his team’s attacks. That is why Pep prefers to have him in the centre so that the team’s possession is much more focused on the midfield. 

The Portuguese looks better with the ball at his feet, but when he doesn’t have it, he has the ability to press to win it back, although sometimes that can be difficult for him because of his qualities. There is no doubt that nowadays it is difficult to have players like him.

  1. César Azpilicueta 

Another player who dominates the whole defensive area, as he can play at centre-back or full-back without any problem, he is also a leader as he is the captain of Chelsea who were European champions. 

At the age of 32, he is not as quick in attack, but his touch and positioning make him very dangerous as he positions himself where he knows he can do the most damage. Physically he is strong, but if he is outplayed, he is very intelligent, he knows how to compete, and that makes him immovable in the teams where he plays. 

  1. Dani Carvajal 

The European champion full-back has had ups and downs this season, but he has reached a superlative level. He is tireless and with a spectacular defence. Just when you think he has been outplayed, he comes back to take the ball away and initiate the attack. 

With Madrid, his main responsibility is to defend, but he builds offensive plays like the goal that gave them the title in the Champions League final against Liverpool. The ball that Vinicius eventually tapped in came from his feet. He initiated the play and made a monumental run to accompany Valverde, who assisted the Brazilian. He has very good judgment to distribute the ball. 

  1. Trent Alexander Arnold 

The British defender has a lot of potential. He is undoubtedly one of the best free-kick takers in the world, his touch is privileged and that makes him important in the attack of the three lions and Liverpool. 

The best full-back in history, Cafu, praised him, saying that he looks like a Brazilian because of his style of play. He is always on the offensive with speed and individual technique. Messi said the Englishman was impressive. Perhaps his only flaw is his defensive lapses, but they are minimal. Alexander Arnold is world-class, no doubt. 

  1. Achraf Hakimi 

Quick, agile, with a privileged touch. The Moroccan is one of the best full-backs in the world for his physical presence and dynamism. At PSG, his partnership with Kylian Mbappé promises to be one of the best duos on the planet in the future. 

His long passes are very precise. He can initiate an offensive action without moving a metre, as his long passes are almost perfect. When he has to add to the attack, he does it as if he was a midfielder, as his beginnings were in that position, but his physique helps him to recover the ball very easily, that’s why they delayed his position. 

Hakimi will surely become one of the best full-backs in history, we must wait for his explosion in the world of football. 

  1. Dani Alves

The player with the most titles in history is still going strong at the age of 39. Physically, he is impeccable and is still very fast, and his individual technique and reading of the game help him to remain one of the best on the planet. 

Wherever he goes, he contributes with his enviable positive attitude and leadership. At his age, he is becoming a mentor to many young players who will learn from this Brazilian veteran, who seems to be getting younger rather than older. 

Would you change the order of the players, who do you like best, who is the best right-back in the world?