100+ Best Telegram Movie Channels In 2023 (HD Download Links)

Best Telegram Movie Channels

Watching movies have been a major source of entertainment preferred by a lot of people belonging to different age groups. Regardless of what your mood is, watching the right movie can surely make your mood better. However, you must be thinking about how to stream or download movies online. 

Of late, Telegram has come up as an application that is widely used for streaming or downloading a variety of content including web series, movies, documentaries, and others. There are various aspects of this application and one of them is that it provides you access to a huge collection of videos and movies free. If you are a Bollywood enthusiast, you can use this application for streaming some of your favourite movies.  

To know more about how you can stream your desired content on Telegram, read this post till the end as here, everything about this application is discussed in detail. 

How does a Telegram Movie Channel Work?

Best Telegram Movie Channels

Telegram is a very well-known India-based platform that was initially started for messaging services. But, now it is more widely used for watching and downloading different types of video content than it is used for exchanging messages. Now, you must be wondering how a messaging app can be used for watching and downloading movies. 

What Telegram does is brings to you all the different channels like Hindi Movies Channel, Tamil movies channel, English movies channel, and a lot more. These channels comprise movies in different languages. You just need to tap on a channel, find out the links to your desired movie and click on the link to start the download.

If you want to stream the movie online, you can click on the streaming option that can be found right beside the download option. This platform has a commendable user interface that is the reason why it has such a strong user base. You can find movies of almost all languages on this platform without having to pay any extra charge. You just need to download the Telegram application to your device so you can start searching for the movie you want to watch or download. 

How different is Telegram from other online movie downloading sites? 

There is a lot of reason why Telegram is different from other movie downloading sites and these reasons are completely acceptable. Mentioned below are some notable aspects in which Telegram is different from other movie downloading sites: 

  • No separate categories 

Just like other movie downloading sites, the content on Telegram is not grouped under different categories. You can find all kinds of movies and TV series uploaded through different channels in Telegram. You don’t have to keep browsing from one category to the other in search of your desired movie or TV show. Regardless of genre, language, or any other factor, you can find all of them on different channels on Telegram.

  • No login/sign up required 

Most of the online movie downloading sites requires you to log in to their website before you can watch or download what you want. On Telegram, there is no need for you to sign up or log in to a pre-existing account. You can just download the application and start using it to search for your desired content. 

  • Direct download links are available 

Mostly, online movie downloading sites keep re-directing you to other web pages when you click the download option. It becomes difficult for the users to get a direct link to download the movie or video content they want. But, Telegram offers direct links by which you can download the movie very easily just by tapping on the link. 

  • Available on different platforms 

There are many movie downloading websites or applications which are not supported on all platforms including Windows, Mac, Android, etc. so people using these devices might not get access to this application whenever they want. Telegram can be downloaded and used on all platforms which is indeed the biggest advantage of this application. 

  • No ads 

You’ll hardly find an online movie downloading site that is free from unnecessary advertisements. These advertisements keep popping up in the middle when you are streaming or downloading a movie and make the entire thing very frustrating for the user. With Telegram, you need not worry about unnecessary ads showing up at all. 

What are all languages movies available on Telegram?

It is needless to mention the growing popularity of movies. However, there are movies of different languages to match the taste of different people. Telegram has numerous channels which provide you the links to movies in different languages. Here are a few of them: 

Hindi Movies Channel

Hindi movie is mostly referred to as Bollywood. The origin of this film industry is in Mumbai and it is associated with South Indian cinema as well as other film industries which contribute to the Indian Cinema. Bollywood cinemas have become a lot more popular than before and more and more people from different countries have started watching these cinemas. 

Channel NameJoin Link
Telegram Hindi Movies Join Here
Bollywood Movies Join Here
New Bollywood Movies Join Here
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Bollywood Indian Hindi Movies HD Join Here
Bollywood & Hollywood Netflix Movies Files Join Here
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Malayalam Movies Channel 

Malayali cinemas are produced by the Malayalam film industry that originated in Kerala. It is also well known by the name Mollywood. It ranks 4th in terms of larger film industries in India. Localities of Kerala and other regions of the country enjoy watching Malayali movies.

Channel NameJoin LInk
Malayalam Latest Movies Join Here
All South Indian Movies Join Here
Troll Malayalam Join Here
Malayalam Music Join Here
K.G.F 2 Join Here
Movie Series Join Here
NewsHead (Malayalam) Join Here
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English Movies Channel

English movies have been an all-time favourite of people because they are easy to comprehend and are usually very realistic. Realistic content is enjoyed by viewers as they can relate to these movies at a higher level. English movies belong to the Hollywood Film Industry.

Channel NameJoin Link
English Movies Join Here
New American Movies Join Here
Curator Movies [#CuratorS] Join Here
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Tamil Movies Channel

The Tamil Film Industry is situated in Kodambakkam in Southern India. It is known to be 3rd largest film industry in the country. A lot of people from South India are fond of these movies. There are a lot of channels on Telegram where you can find some of the best Tamil movies of all time.

Channel NameJoin Link
Tamil Movies | Kollywood Movies | Thamil | Tamil HD Join Here
Tamil Dubbed Movies Join Here
Tamil Movies HD New TamilRockers Join Here
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Kannada Movies Channel

Kannada cinema producers are known to be one of the greater entertainment promoters of Indian cinema. This film industry belongs to Karnataka and it ranks 5th in terms of the largest film industries in India other than Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, and Malayali movies. These movies are mostly known for high-quality elements of action and romance.

Channel NameJoin Link
New kannada movies HD Join Here
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Telugu Movies Channel 

Telugu movies are produced by Tollywood that is one of the most well-known film industries in the country. This film industry turns around with almost 200 movies every year. These movies usually comprise a lot of comedy. There are lots of well-known Telugu movies which can be downloaded from Telegram. 

Channel NameJoin Link
New Telugu Movies Join Here
Telugu movies Join Here
ALL Telugu Movies Join Here
Telugu Cinemahub Pro Join Here
Tamil Rockers Kannada Telugu HD Join Here
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How to know if a channel is legit?

There are a lot of movie channels available on Telegram and this is a fact that not all channels can be legitimate and safe to use. There are a lot of fake channels on Telegram which redirect you to different web pages where you are asked to share your details too. It is always recommended for you to use a Telegram channel only after verifying its legitimacy. About this, there are a lot of ways you can follow. The most initial step in verifying a channel is to check its name and the creator.


How to find a legit movie channel on Telegram?

Before start watching or downloading a movie from any channel on Telegram, it is a must for you to check whether it is legit or not. Here are a few ways to find a legit movie channel on Telegram: 

  • Once you’ve landed on a channel, click on the links which are offered by that channel and see if you get redirected to any other web page. If you are taken to any other web page or ad page, you must understand that the channel is not a legit one.
  • Don’t forget to check out the creator of the channel on which you are willing to stream or download a movie. Check out the name of the creator too see if it’s a verified Telegram user or not.
  • You can also check out the comments put up by other Telegram users on that particular channel. Going through the comments will help you to get a review of the channel. So, you’ll be able to understand whether the channel is genuine or not. 
  • You should also check whether other people also download movies from the Telegram channel that you have chosen. In case, you find that it is not used by other users, you shouldn’t rely on that particular channel. 

This was everything you should know about the best Telegram movie channels in 2023. You can follow the ways mentioned above to check the legitimacy of a movie channel on Telegram and also to find out more legitimate channels. Telegram is a platform that consists of numerous movie channels which allow you to stream or download almost all kinds of movies. However, you must be careful while choosing a channel for yourself to make sure you are safe and secure on the internet.


1. How often can I download movies from Telegram movie channels?

When it comes to navigating through Telegram movie channels, one of the most common misconceptions that people have is thinking that there is a limit to the number of movies you can download. That isn’t the case at all. You can download as many movies as you want.

2. Can I find movies that are released yesterday on Telegram?

Telegram is notorious for making recently released movies available on its movie channels. So, if you are looking for a movie that’s popular and has made a good name for itself, you can look it up on Telegram and you should at least find a few channels that have shared the downloadable file.

3. Are the movies available on Telegram download only?

Most of the movies that are available on Telegram channels are either available for direct download or you’d have to access them via someone’s Google drive link. There aren’t streaming options, unlike other platforms like Netflix and Prime Video.

4. Can I find old classic movies on Telegram?

Telegram has a library of movies you can download and that include the old classics too. There are Telegram channels dedicated to old classic movies, which you can join to download the movie of your choice.