Best Telegram Channels for Marathi Movies in 2024

How to Download Movies on Telegram

All of us love watching movies as one of the best forms of entertainment. Be it spending a lazy afternoon with family, or passing your leisure time, movies can never fail to uplift your mood. Even after a tiring day at work, you can get back home and watch your favourite movie to feel better instantly. The easy availability of smartphones has increased intensity accessibility for all of us and there’s hardly anything that you can’t find on the internet. Some people pass away for so many hours just by searching for their desired movie on the internet. 

There are various movie downloading websites that facilitate torrenting through which you can download your favourite movie to watch. However, recently Telegram has gained a lot of popularity as a movie-watching platform. This platform allows you to watch or download movies through direct links offered to you by the different channels. There are numerous Telegram Channels and you can choose one as per the language, genre, and type of movie you are looking for. If you are looking for the best Telegram Channels for Marathi Movies in 2024, this post can let you know everything about it: 

Best Telegram Channels for Marathi Movies in 2024

Channel NameJoin Link
New Marathi Movies Join Here
MF Mix Marathi Join Here
Marathi Movies Join Here
Marathi Movies HD Join Here
Top Marathi Movies Join Here
New Movies HD Marathi 4k Join Here
New Marathi Movies HD Join Here
Marathi Movies TM Join Here
Marathi Cinemahub Join Here
MarathiCinemahubPro Join Here
Marathi Punjabi Movies Latest Join Here
Latest Marathi Movies Join Here
Marathi Movies HD Join Here
New marathi movies (Latest) Join Here
Marathi Movies Join Here
Marathi Movies New HD Join Here
Marathi Movies Join Here
Marathi Movies HD New Join Here

Can Telegram Channels be helpful?

Telegram movie channels can be very helpful for you in watching or downloading the movies of your choice. These channels provide you with direct download links for whichever content you choose. By clicking on these direct download links, you can download the movie very easily without even getting re-directed to any other page. Numerous Telegram movie channels are particularly dedicated to a specific language or genre. Here you can find the very best Telegram Channels which are dedicated to Marathi movies only.  

These channels can provide you access to watch or download some of the best Marathi Movies of all time. Some channels also feature web series and TV shows. So, you can find your favourite TV shows and web series on these channels too.

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Reasons to watch Marathi Movies on Telegram Channels 

There are so many reasons to watch Marathi Movies on Telegram Channels. Telegram Channels offer a lot of benefits which make it more ideal to be preferred over torrent websites. There are lots of advantages offered by Telegram movie channels. Here are a few of them: 

  • It is safe and secure 

Using Telegram Channels to watch your favourite Marathi Movies is risk-free. It is safe and secure for you to watch or download movies from any Telegram channel. The reason why these channels are considered to be very safe is that you don’t have to share your details or create an account to use this platform. This way, the platform doesn’t ask for access to your device or the data stored on it. 

  • Download unlimited movies for free

The next reason to prefer Telegram Channels over torrent websites is that you can download countless movies or TV shows for free. You are not charged even a single penny for downloading movies from this platform. 

  • No malware 

Whenever you are downloading a movie from any Telegram channel, you can be assured that there is no malware in the file. The file you download is virus-free when downloaded from the Telegram channel. Generally, when you download a movie from any torrent website, there is always a risk of malware being carried by the file to your device. But, when downloaded from the Telegram channel, you don’t have to worry about this at all. 

  • Pause option

There is a pause option offered by all Telegram Channels on all movies that they feature. This option lets you pause in the middle of a movie where ever you feel like it. After pausing, you can also remind back from where you paused. This way, you can watch the movie without missing even a single part of it. 

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Are Telegram Channels safe to watch Marathi Movies?

As mentioned above, the safety security of Telegram movie channels remains unquestionable. It is completely safe to watch or download movies from the Telegram Channels. In comparison to torrent websites, Telegram channels are very safe to watch Marathi movies for you. However, you must ensure to check that the channel you are using to watch or download the movie is verified by Telegram. Unverified Channels are not safe to use and possess some of the other risks for the users. They also comprise a lot of advertisements which can be very frustrating for you while you are watching your favourite movie. 

Can you download Marathi Movies from the Telegram channel?

There are options by which you can download various Marathi Movies from Telegram Channels. To download a movie of your choice, make sure to follow these very easy steps: 

  • Download the Telegram application from Google Play Store or Apple App Store 
  • Launch the application.
  • Create an account or log in to an already existing account. 
  • Search for Marathi Movie channels on Telegram by entering the same. 
  • You will then find a list of all Marathi Movie channels on the screen.
  • Sort out the verified channels and start browsing each of them.
  • You can also search by entering the name of the movie that you want to watch or download. 
  • Once you find the movie you are looking for, click on the watch or download option as per your choice

These are the steps you need to follow for downloading a movie from the Telegram channel. Once a movie is downloaded, you can save a in any folder on your device so that you can find out easily when you want to watch it.


1. How do I download Marathi movies from Telegram? 

The very first thing is you need to download Telegram. Then register for the official account. You need to search for a Marathi Telegram channel, select the suitable one. Join it by clicking on “Join”; you can directly download from the links or files on the channel.

2. Can I get HD-quality videos from Telegram?

Downloading HD-quality videos from Telegram is not a big deal. Search for the Marathi movie or series you want to watch. Before you download the files, you need to check the resolution to watch HD-quality videos.

3. What are the best reasons to download Marathi movies from the Telegram channel?

There are lots of reasons to download Marathi content from the Telegram channels. You get free access, multiple resolution options, and a safe and secure platform.

4. Where do the files get saved when I download them from Telegram?

The Marathi movies or series from Telegram automatically get saved in your device’s storage. You need to allow Telegram access to the storage on your device. Let it be a PC, mobile phone, or tablet, the downloaded files always get saved on the SD card or internal memory.

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This was a list of the best Telegram Channels for Marathi Movies in 2024. You can consider all of these channels to watch any kind of Marathi movie. These channels feature all kinds of Marathi Movies including romance, action, comedy, etc. You are surely going to find the oldest to newest Marathi Movies on these channels.