Superhuman Battlefield Chapter 73: A Breakdown of the Release Date and Spoilers

Superhuman Battlefield Chapter 73

If the combination of action, sci-fi, and sports in a manhwa series sounds like something up your alley, Superhuman Battlefield is a must-read. The series follows seven heroes, who engage themselves in a series of intense battles.

Overall, the characters of Seo Moon Yeop along with the others have to unfold a series of battles that are beyond anyone’s comprehension. But it doesn’t stop there. We also get to witness the destruction of the world and the price that Yeop has to pay for world peace.

If you are badly awaiting the release of Superhuman Battlefield Chapter 73, you aren’t the only one. We have a series of updates lined up for you to go through.

When is Superhuman Battlefield Chapter 73 Released?

Superhuman Battlefield Chapter 73 has raised a lot of speculations in the minds of the readers. Among them, one that has made a recurring mention is about a possible delay. We don’t have any official reports about the same yet.

However, what we can do is sort you out with a rundown of the official release dates we have idea of so far:

Time zones Date Day Time
Korean Standard Time (KST) September 25, 2023 Monday 12:00 AM
Japanese Standard Time (JST) September 25, 2023 Monday 12:00 AM
Australian Capital Territory Time: (ACTT) September 25, 2023 Monday 01:00 AM
Indian Standard Time (IST) September 25, 2023 Monday 08:30 PM
Pacific Standard Time (PST) September 25, 2023 Monday 07:00 AM
Eastern European Time (EET) September 25, 2023 Monday 05:00 PM
Singapore Standard Time (SST) September 25, 2023 Monday 11:00 PM
Philippines Standard Time (PST) September 25, 2023 Monday 11:00 PM
Central European Time (CET) September 25, 2023 Monday 05:00 PM

This is the release date that has pretty much been set for the official release of the new chapter of Superhuman Battlefield Chapter 73. If things change or there are any delays, we will keep you updated.

Superhuman Battlefield Chapter 73 – What to Expect?

Since we don’t have any leaks or spoilers yet, it is pretty much impossible to depict what’s going to unfold in the new chapter. However, we can give you a brief recap of what happened in Chapter 72 so you can prepare yourself for the new chapter.

Prepare yourself for some spoilers though.

In the relentless pursuit of propelling their nation to greatness, the Korean Espers had invested their entire lives. Yet, despite their unwavering dedication, seventeen long years had passed, and they still found themselves ensnared by seemingly insurmountable circumstances. It was a period of despair when all hope appeared to be slipping through their fingers.

The previous chapter introduced a new Esper, Roy Meyer, who appeared to be a promising addition to the team Seomun had painstakingly assembled. Yet, beneath Meyer’s stern exterior, he harbored enigmatic secrets of his own, carefully concealed from the prying eyes of his fellow Espers.

With the looming tournament casting a formidable shadow, the manga now stands at a pivotal crossroads, where the destinies of these extraordinary individuals hang in the balance.

Where can I read Superhuman Battlefield Chapter 73?

The Superhuman Battlefield’s Chapter 73’s raw version will be released on Naver. So, you can read the raw version on Naver Comic.

However, if you want to read the English-translated version, it will be available on Tappytoon. So, browse through those websites for more details.


Superhuman Battlefield Chapter 73 will hold a lot of answers that we haven’t gotten in the previous chapter. If you have been wondering how things will progress in the new chapter, we hope this gives you a brief understanding.


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