Eternal Love Chapter 57: When is the New Chapter Releasing?

Eternal Love Chapter 57

If you are a fan of K-drama and want that kind of theme in the manhwa that you read, Eternal Love deserves a special mention. The entire read is very K-romanesque, which explains why it has such an extensive following and readership.

To give you a brief idea, Eternal Love follows Wen Yifan, who is 27 years old, recently broken up with her boyfriend, and living a life in solitude in her apartment. However, her life is disrupted by her drunken neighbors causing a ruckus.

With 56 chapters behind it, Eternal Love is ready to release the next new chapter, which is Chapter 57. If you are looking for more updates on that, we have sorted everything out for you here.

When is Eternal Love Chapter 57 Released?

Eternal Love Chapter 57 is going to be released soon and on the official platform. However, kindly remember that there could be issues with the upload and availability due to a multitude of reasons.

To make things easier for you, we have sorted out all the release dates based on time zones in a tabular format.

Time zones Date Day Time
Eastern Standard Time (EST) September 26, 2023 Tuesday 10:00 AM
Central Standard Time (CST) September 26, 2023 Tuesday 05:00 PM
British Summer Time (BST) September 26, 2023 Tuesday 04:00 PM
Indian Standard Time (IST) September 26, 2023 Tuesday 08:30 PM
Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) September 26, 2023 Tuesday 01:00 AM
Korean Standard Time (KST) September 26, 2023 Tuesday 12:00 AM
Philippines Standard Time (PST) September 26, 2023 Tuesday 07:00 AM

Since there are a lot of factors that go into the official release of the chapter, we recommend that you keep checking the official website for the latest updates.

Eternal Love Chapter 57 – How Will Things Unfold?

If you have yet to read Chapter 56, we’d advise you to do that first. Besides that, you must grasp how things went down in the previous chapter.

We noticed Wen Yifan stepping into the club and finding out the person that her best friend told her about. Turns out, the bar’s owner is no one else but her ex-boyfriend, Sang Yan. You can expect that things didn’t go as planned from there.

Besides the rift, we read the kind of flirty banter and tension that Wen and Sang had in the previous chapter. It was undoubtedly a fun read. However, we also notice how Sang hints that Wen should give him a second chance after the kind of issue they had previously.

The previous chapter also witnessed Wen and Sang returning after their night out, Wen being completely out of it. 

How things would progress in Chapter 57 remains a mystery. Manga series are very strict about their spoilers and it is pretty much impossible to find any. So, it looks like the only way we’d know more about the new chapter is when it is released. So, at this point, it seems like we’d have to wait for it to happen.

Where can I read Eternal Love Chapter 57?

Unlike most of the other popular Korean manhwa, Eternal Love Chapter 57 will be released on Kuaikan Manhua. You can find the raw and the English-translated version there.


Eternal Love Chapter 57 will unfold a lot of unexpected twists and turns that are bound to leave the readers with a lot of unexpected turns of events. If you are anticipating news about the release date and the spoilers, we have broken down all the insights for you in this guide.


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