Shows like Modern Family – Top 10 Shows to Binge Watch


Dysfunctional families can be messy and the reality is that some of them can lead to instances of childhood trauma but Modern Family felt like a breath of fresh air. Do a few episodes seem “over the top” and “exaggerated?” Sure. But, that’s how things are on television.

What set apart Modern Family as a worthy watch is the realistic storyline, the character development, and the inclusivity that you get to witness on the screen. There’s never a dull moment on this show and you can’t forget the heartwarming relationship that the cast share, both on and off screen.

If you have finished watching Modern Family and want to get a look at some shows similar to it, you have arrived at the right spot. We have some cool shows to suggest.

1. Full House (1987-1995)

Full House (1987-1995)

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Full House, the beloved American sitcom that aired from 1987 to 1995, captured the hearts of viewers with its heartwarming portrayal of family, friendship, and the challenges of growing up. 

To be fair, the portrayal of an unconventional family structure with a widowed father, Danny Tanner, raising his three daughters with the help of his best friend is one that you simply can’t forego. The show’s storylines are relatable and wholesome, tackling real-life issues in a lighthearted and humorous way, further adding to the list of reasons why it needs to be on your “watch later” list.

2. Everybody Loves Raymond (1996-2005)

Everybody Loves Raymond (1996-2005)

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Next on the list is the show that follows the life of Ray Barone, a sportswriter for Newsday, and his dysfunctional but loving family. Everybody Loves Raymond is praised for its realistic portrayal of family life, with its relatable characters and storylines that drew inspiration from creator Phil Rosenthal’s own experiences. 

This is one of the reasons why it is considered very similar to Modern Family. The show’s exploration of family dynamics, from sibling rivalries to parental overprotectiveness also resonated well with the audience.

3. The Middle (2009-2018)

The Middle (2009-2018)

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Sometimes you need to watch a different show but at the same time, it’s derived from real-life experiences. The Middle manages to tick off the list in that regard. The show centers on the Hecks, an ordinary middle-class family living in the small town of Orson, Indiana. Their struggles and triumphs mirror the everyday experiences of many American families, making them relatable and endearing to viewers. 

What makes the show even better is the way the characters accept their flaws and their quirks. From the overwhelmed matriarch Frankie to the eccentric artist Axl, each character brings a unique personality to the show. 

4. Single Parents (2018-2020)

Single Parents (2018-2020)

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If you want to watch something that’s a lot like Modern Family but was released recently, Single Parents on Disney+ is a pretty great watch. Single Parents shuns the stereotypical portrayal of single parents as struggling or dysfunctional individuals. What caught the attention of the viewers was the refreshing authenticity without any sugar-coating. 

Additionally, much like the cast in Modern Family, this show includes a diverse group of single parents, each with their unique backgrounds, challenges, and parenting styles. The show explores the challenges and joys of growing up with a single parent, offering insights into the unique perspectives and experiences of these children.

5. One Day at A Time (2017-2020)

One Day at A Time (2017-2020)


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The original version of this show aired in the 1970s and the recent one on Netflix is simply a reboot of the older version but featuring a new family. The show tackles issues like immigration, cultural identity, and generational differences with honesty and humor, resonating with both Latino and non-Latino viewers. 

From the single mother and Army veteran Penelope to her teenage daughter Elena and her traditional Cuban mother Lydia, the characters are relatable and endearing, allowing viewers to connect with their struggles and triumphs, something that the Modern Family fans relate to as well.

6. Malcolm In the Middle (2000-2006)

Malcolm In the Middle (2000-2006)



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If you watched Modern Family and loved Manny’s and Alex’s characters because of how mature they were compared to their parents, you will love watching Malcolm in the Middle too. What’s unique about the show is the way it has been shot using a handheld camera technique, which gives the show a documentary-like feel and a sense of immediacy. Also, it explores the lives of the Wilkinson family, who, albeit being dysfunctional, come together as a unit, much like how they did on the Modern Family. The humor is sharp and witty, but it also has a heart, and it never comes at the expense of the characters, which is a nice touch too.

7. Kim’s Convenience (2016-2021)

Kim's Convenience (2016-2021)

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You can’t go wrong with Kim’s Convenience which walks you through the challenges of an immigrant family with realistic examples, situations, and experiences but with humor laced into it. The show breaks away from stereotypical portrayals of Asian characters and presents a nuanced and relatable depiction of a Korean-Canadian family. 

Besides cultural identity, the portrayal of the family dynamics on this show is quite realistic, making it a relatable show to watch. Also, the show’s humor is rooted in authenticity, which somehow adds to the quirks of each character. Not just the casual humor but the deeper emotions and heartwarming moments make this a worthy watch as well.

8. Black-Ish (2014-2022)

Black-Ish (2014-2022)

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The show follows an upper-middle-class (inclining towards rich) Black family that relocates to a new neighborhood and finds themselves to be out of the box. One of the reasons why Modern Family fans love this show is because of the themes of race, identity, and cultural expectations within a Black family, which is not normally seen on other shows. 

Besides covering the good side of things, the show also managed to address sensitive topics in a way that was funny but thought-provoking at the same time. The sharp writing and witty dialogue on the show make it worthy of your time. Also, the show is fast-paced, so you won’t feel bored watching it.

9. Life In Pieces (2015-2019)

Life In Pieces (2015-2019)

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Sometimes, it is great to watch something that’s not too overhyped, and Life in Pieces is the perfect one for that. What’s unique about it is the show’s format which is divided into four stories or acts to take the audience through experiences in different formats. 

The stories featured in Life in Pieces are relatable and humorous, drawing inspiration from everyday family life and the challenges faced by people of all ages, which is something that you will find entertaining if you love watching Modern Family.

10. This Is Us (2016-2022)

This Is Us (2016-2022)

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Last on the list is This is Us, which isn’t necessarily a comedy-drama like the Modern Family but a worthy watch nonetheless. This Is Us distinguishes itself from traditional dramas by employing a non-linear narrative structure, jumping between different timelines and perspectives to weave together the interconnected lives of the Pearson family. 

If you are in for a good cry or want your heart to feel warm after watching a show, this is it. It leaves you with so many good emotions and by the time you finish the series, you will regret why it ended.


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