Seraph of the End Chapter 97 Release Date & Other Details

Seraph of the End Chapter 97

While Shinoa sends Mitsuba to arrest someone, Krul keeps them under control. She reveals that she is the queen of the vampire. Meanwhile, Yoichi is found lying nearby with her hands and hair covered in vomit. She is found by Krul. 

Kimizuki and Yu come out after hearing her screams. Kimizuki asks Yoichi to know what’s going on. Meanwhile, Yu realizes that Krul is missing.

Yu said that he was relying on Asuramaru’s sister who promised to help him save Mika. But Krul asks him not to do that as enemies were looking for him, so it’s better to stay hidden.

Yu after noticing Krul’s wet hair and asks her if she went outside. But she declines to answer his question. Instead, she asks him not to ask her childish questions. She also explains that the rank of a vampire is determined by how long they have lived and how thickly the first’s blood runs in them.

Seraph of the End Chapter 97 Release Date

Seraph of the End Chapter 97

It is reported that Seraph of the End Chapter 97 will be released on 3rd December 2020. 

Seraph of the End will continue to release new chapters every month. Just so you know the spoilers of Chapter 97 will be released just three days before the release of the chapter. 

As soon as, we get any spoiler update, we will inform you. 

Recap of Seraph of the End Chapter 96

Krul is teased by Yu who wants to know if she is three years old. Kimizuki is aware of Krul’s power. She knows that she is a third progenitor and could kill them easily. But Krul didn’t do anything since she considers them to be friends.

Yu also mentioned that Mika was saved by Krul. Suddenly, Krul remembers that Mika drank her blood and turned into a vampire. 

Kimizuki asks Yu not to tease Krul anymore. Meanwhile, Krul tells them how she saved Mika. They were very excited to hear the details.

Yu gets a flashback of the time when he used to train with Guren and how he was knocked out. Guren is determined to take revenge on vampires.

Guren told Yu to get stronger so that they can defeat the vampires as they killed Mika.

Yu thinks that he was raised by Guren. Shinoa talks about Lt. Colonel’s bad attitude. However, Mitsuba feels that Yu was born with a rude attitude. Krul listens to them seriously. 

Later Krul remembers that the two arms emerged from Mika’s mouth. Yu apologizes to Krul for his behaviour as he noticed how serious she is. 


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