Red Rose Season 2 – Will There Be a New Season?

Red Rose Season 2

There are a lot of teen drama shows and coming-of-age series that are available for binge-watching on Netflix. Among them, Red Rose is an option that doesn’t require any introduction. The show, ever since its release, has captivated the attention of the viewers.

With its initial release on BBC, the growing popularity and viewership of the show ended up making it available on Netflix too. The blend of teen drama with supernatural horror is a combination that no one thought would work as well as it did.

After the success of the first season, it isn’t surprising that the fans are awaiting more insights regarding the second season. If you are looking for more updates about Red Rose Season 2, we have it all here.

When is Red Rose Season 2 Releasing?

Initially released in 2022 on BBC Three, Red Rose was later released on Netflix in February 2023. Since then, the fans have been looking for more answers regarding a second season.

Unfortunately, we have none. Netflix hasn’t commented anything on the show’s second season and the possibility of it returning anytime soon. However, we also have to realize that it has been a few months since the release of the first season, so the timing may not be ideal.

With how the creators ended the first season, we can expect the show to return with a second season to bridge the gaps, answer a lot of the loopholes, and even extend the plot beyond what we have seen unfolding in the first season.

Since BBC Three hasn’t commented on anything related to the show’s renewal status, rumors suggest that there might be possibilities for the show’s second season to be released on Netflix.

What can we expect in Red Rose Season 2?

Red Rose Season 2 has not been officially announced yet, but the ending of Season 1 leaves the door open for a continuation. We have some spoilers ahead, so proceed with caution.

The last scene of Season 1 shows a young man in Tokyo getting a link to download the Red Rose app, suggesting that the app will continue to spread and target new people.

Also, we learn that the Red Rose app is controlled by a mysterious figure known as The Gardener. However, we don’t learn much about why The Gardener created the app or what their ultimate goal is. Season 2 could explore these questions in more detail.

It’s possible that some of the characters from Season 1 could return in Season 2, such as Wren, Noah, and Jaya. However, it’s also possible that the focus of Season 2 will shift to a new group of characters, which could be a new way to explore this plot further instead of making things boring and repetitive.

Season 2 could introduce new and even more terrifying threats for the characters to overcome. At this point, it seems like a waiting game.

Who is Returning in Red Rose Season 2?

With the renewal status not confirmed yet, we can’t speculate who will return in the second season. However, if the main cast remains, we can expect to see:

  • Natalie Blair

Natalie Blair

  • Ellis Howard

Ellis Howard

  • Ali Khan

Ali Khan

  • Ashna Rabheru

Ashna Rabheru

  • Harry Redding

Harry Redding

  • Natalie Gavin

Natalie Gavin

  • Samuel Anderson

Samuel Anderson

We might also witness new characters being introduced, which would be fun to explore in the new season.


Red Rose Season 2 has introduced a fair bit of confusion and frustration among the fans whose only wish is to know more about the show’s renewal status. With no confirmed news on the horizon, it looks like all we can do now is wait things out.


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