Move To Heaven Season 2 – Are We Getting a New Season?

Move To Heaven Season 2

Korean dramas are becoming a global phenomenon, alongside K-Pop. If you have read the novel, Things Left Behind, you probably know that it has been turned into a show named Move to Heaven. The show has gained immense fame and popularity right after the first season.

Being distributed by Netflix globally, the show has acquired a dedicated fanbase in a short period. So, if you have been wondering if the show is returning with a second season, you aren’t the only one with a similar thought process.

We will discuss more about Move to Heaven Season 2, its release date, and the expected plotline in this article.

When is Move to Heaven Season 2 Releasing?

The first season of Move to Heaven premiered in May 2021, which means that it has been two years since then. Despite the kind of popularity that the show has gained right after the first season, we don’t have any insights related to the show’s renewal status yet.

Is it returning with a new season? We have no idea at this point. The showrunner or Netflix has not commented on the show’s renewal status yet, which is quite disappointing too when you come to think of it.

But, the silver lining is that the show ended with a cliffhanger, which means that the show’s story has not come to an end and there are high chances that it will most likely return with a new season down the road.

Some rumors even depict that the viewers might get more insights about the show’s renewal by the end of 2023 and also a potential release date for the second season. What we’d have to do at this point is wait things out and see what the creators have to say.

What can we expect from Move to Heaven Season 2?

If you have no idea about Move to Heaven and its storyline, it follows Geu Ru and his uncle Sang Gu. With the kind of emotional rollercoaster that the first season has been, it isn’t surprising that we can expect a lot more emotional outbursts to happen in the second season as well.

We will have a few spoilers from the first season in this section, so proceed with caution.

In the first season, we see Joo Young escaping, which has left the viewers to believe that he will most likely return as a villain in the second season. The second season will also explore the relationship between Na Mu and Geu Ru further along with Geu Ru’s character development, which will be a treat to watch.

Besides that, we can also expect different storylines to pop up, which would be interesting to watch. At this point, it is difficult to depict how things would pan out since we don’t have any spoilers or rumors to base our theories on.

However, once the second season is renewed and production starts, we might get a peek into what happens next season.

Who will Return in Move to Heaven Season 2?

With how they ended the first season, we can pretty much expect the entire main cast to make a return in the second season too.

This will include: 

  • Tang Jun-sang as Geu-ru

Tang Jun-sang

  • Lee Je-hoon as Sang-gu 

Lee Je-hoon

  • Hong Seung-hee as Nam Na-mu

Hong Seung-hee

  • Ji Jin-hee as Jeon Soo-cheol

Ji Jin-hee

  • Lee Jae-Wook as Jo Jung-woo

Lee Jae-Wook

  • Kim Jung-Hyun as Lee Jae-hoon

Kim Jung-Hyun


Move to Heaven Season 2 is one of the most awaited K-drama seasons that the audience is awaiting further news about. Although the renewal status is not confirmed yet, we can hope that it will make a comeback sometime soon. We will keep you posted with the latest updates.


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