Rebelde Season 3 – Has Netflix Officially Cancelled the Show?

Rebelde Season 3

The halls of Elite Way School may have fallen silent, but the echoes of teenage rebellion and musical dreams still resonate. So, when is Rebelde Season 3 returning? Has Netflix officially canceled the show for good with no possibility of a return?

Fans of Netflix’s “Rebelde” reboot were left with a bittersweet cliffhanger at the end of season 2, yearning for answers and the continuation of the students’ journeys. While the rumors of a third season swirled, Netflix officially announced in July 2023 that the series would not be returning.

All that said, we understand that fans are still quite curious about the possibilities of Rebelde Season 3 and we have acquired all the relevant information for you.

When is Rebelde Season 3 Releasing?

As we just mentioned in the introduction, Rebelde has officially been canceled, which means that Season 3 is no longer a possibility at this point. The fans have been avidly waiting for news regarding the show’s eventual return and renewal but the cancellation has left everyone hopeless.

At this point, all that you can do is cherish the memories and the episodes that aired in the first two seasons. One of the reasons why the cancellation doesn’t make sense is due to the popularity of the show.

With how they ended Season 2, the eventual cancellation has left the fans wondering what happened. Was it a budget issue? Was it something related to casting? Since the showrunners have not shed any light on the official reason behind the cancellation, it looks like we shall remain in the dark.

What can we expect from Rebelde Season 3?

Season 2 concluded with several unresolved conflicts and budding romances, leaving ample room for exploration in a potential season 3. Most of the fans who watched the second season were pretty sure that all of their unresolved questions would be answered in the third season.

However, Netflix instead decided to surprise the fans with a cancellation. So, pushing that to the side, we do have quite a few different choices when it comes to the theories related to the show’s return:

  • Would the students unite against Esteban’s regime, forming a stronger resistance movement? Would they focus on individual acts of defiance or attempt a more organized overthrow?
  • What is Luka’s ultimate goal? Is he truly working for good, or does his hidden agenda pose a greater threat than Esteban? Would his actions force Mia to confront her family legacy?
  • With Jana and Andi back together, and Esteban making advances on MJ, season three could have explored the complexities of love and navigated the characters’ evolving relationships.
  • Would the students continue to use music as a tool for expression and rebellion? Would they form a new band, or would their voices take center stage?

Who is returning to Rebelde Season 3?

If Rebelde returned with Season 3, we would have witnessed the original cast return as well, including:

  • Azul Guaita as Jana Cohen
  • Franco Masini as Esteban Torres
  • Sergio Mayer Mori as Andi Cruz
  • Andrea Chaparro as MJ
  • Giovanna Grigio as Emília Monteiro


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