How It Really Happened Season 8 – What Mysteries Will Be Unravelled in The Future?

How It Really Happened Season 8

HLN’s captivating true-crime series, “How It Really Happened,” has enthralled audiences for several seasons, delving into the complexities of notorious crimes, mysteries, and celebrity tragedies. Following the success of the first seven seasons, the fans are confused as to what’s next.

Fans eagerly await Season 8, promising fresh investigations and captivating narratives. But when can we expect it, and what secrets will it unlock? To be fair, we still don’t have any official confirmation related to the show’s return yet.

To give you all the relevant updates, we will answer all that you need to know about How It Really Happened Season 8.

When is How It Really Happened Season 8 Releasing?

HLN hasn’t released any concrete information yet, leaving fans in suspense. However, based on previous release patterns, we can speculate on a potential timeframe.

Season 7 premiered in November 2022, and Season 6 aired in April 2022. Considering these timings, a late 2024 or early 2025 release seems likely. But, we also have to keep into account that creating true crime series is not easy work. It requires consistent and ongoing research to ensure that the information that’s being presented is factually correct.

So, while HLN has not yet renewed the show, we can remain hopeful that things will most likely improve in the future. The possibility of the show returning sometime soon doesn’t seem likely at this point, especially with no noise regarding the production.

What can we expect from How It Really Happened Season 8?

This season promises to be a thrilling rollercoaster ride through the world of mysteries, cold cases, and shocking crimes. Expect to be transported to the heart of investigations, with exclusive interviews, reenactments, and expert analysis shedding light on previously unseen angles. 

Prepare to be surprised as the show uncovers new evidence, challenges established narratives and explores the psychological depths of perpetrators and victims alike.

Like every time, we have a few speculations that could end up taking shape in Season 8, so might as well discuss them:

  • Season 8 could revisit some of the most notorious unsolved cases, utilizing modern forensic techniques and investigative methods to offer fresh perspectives and potential breakthroughs.
  • The series might delve into the psychological complexities behind notorious crimes, exploring the unseen forces that drive individuals to commit unthinkable acts.
  • The chilling mysteries of missing individuals could be explored, examining the impact on families and offering hope for potential answers.

The possibilities are endless and it would be interesting to see how the creators end up sorting out the show in the future, especially with the popularity.

Who is returning to How it Really Happened Season 8?

We don’t have any idea about the true crime cases that will be explored in Season 8. So, it also means that we don’t have any idea about the list of people that would be cast in the show.

That said, the recurrent cast would make a return, including:

  • Hill Harper
  • Bill Boggs
  • Danny Bonaduce
  • Alisyn Camerota


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