Prototype Images Of Samsung Galaxy S25 Leak, Revealing Four Possible Designs

Prototype Images Of Samsung Galaxy S25 Leak, Revealing Four Possible Designs

Samsung might release the Galaxy S25 Ultra next year, following up on the Galaxy S24 Ultra launched in January. Though it’s still a few months before the expected launch, a source suggests Samsung is exploring four prototypes of the smartphone, each with slight design variations. A leaked image hints that the upcoming flagship could resemble the Galaxy S24 Ultra in looks.

The images, showcasing four smartphone prototypes, were leaked by a tipster PandaFlash on X. According to the insider, Samsung is currently testing these prototypes for its upcoming flagship release, the presumed Galaxy S25 Ultra. The designs revealed are quite similar to the design of the previously released Galaxy S24 Ultra, with just a few minor alterations.

Samsung Galaxy S25

Among the prototypes, the first model displays the phone with sleek bezels, akin to the current flagship model. In contrast, the third and fourth designs showcase a slimmer frame, with the latter boasting slightly rounded edges. However, the second design portrays a smartphone model with an ultra-slim frame and extremely thin bezels.

It is worth noting that all the designs seem to feature an S Pen, which is positioned at the bottom part of the device.

These leaked designs have surfaced well in advance of the expected launch of the Galaxy S25 Ultra. Reports suggest that Samsung is planning to choose its component suppliers and finalize product specifications for its upcoming flagship devices by May. This means consumers can expect further details regarding the upcoming handsets in the months ahead.

Unlike the Galaxy S24 models released this year, Samsung is planning to equip all its upcoming handsets with Exynos chipsets. Earlier in January, Samsung introduced the Galaxy S24+ and Galaxy S24 with Exynos 2400 chips for global markets. However, customers in China and North America had access to a variant powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset. On the other hand, the Galaxy S24 Ultra is launched with a Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset everywhere.

Though the release of the Galaxy S25 Ultra is several months down the line, these leaked designs have already ignited curiosity among tech enthusiasts.

With the leaked prototypes revealing the possible designs, users are eagerly waiting for the Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra to debut in the market. With its amazing features and sleek aesthetics, the Galaxy S25 Ultra is set to raise the bar higher than its predecessors. Samsung, as a tech giant is continually pushing the boundaries in the fiercely competitive smartphone arena.

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