Power Season 7 – Breaking Down All the Details

Power Season 7

The Starz crime drama that captivated audiences for six seasons, “Power,” is officially returning for a seventh installment. Well, at least, that is what the fans believe. If you are hopeful of the fact that Power is set to return sometime shortly, we’d recommend you hold it in.

Sometimes, ghostly mystery shows are bound to freak you out but, at the same time, they are bound to bring a sense of thrill that you simply can’t find elsewhere. So, it makes sense that you are excited about the renewal of Power Season 7.

We will take you through a rundown of what’s the future of Power Season 7 and its eventual release and expected plot.

When is Power Season 7 Releasing?

The sixth season of Power was released in August 2019, so it has been around four years since the last season. One thing that’s bothering the fans is the lack of renewal.

Season 6 was renewed while the fifth season was premiering. So, not having any details regarding the renewal of Power for Season 7 has now left the fans wondering if the show will be canceled eventually or not. There remains a lot of mystery surrounding it.

While the official release date remains shrouded in secrecy, whispers suggest a late 2024 or early 2025 arrival. This wait might be agonizing, but it also fuels the fire of excitement. The longer we wait, the more our imaginations run wild with possible plotlines and character arcs.

What can we expect from Power Season 7?

Season 7 marks a significant departure from the familiar territory of James “Ghost” St. Patrick and his criminal empire. With Ghost’s fateful demise in the series finale, the focus shifts to his son, Tariq St. Patrick. 

Thrust into the world of drug trafficking and ruthless power struggles, Tariq must navigate a treacherous path to survive and carve his legacy. Expect a fresh cast of characters to emerge, vying for control and challenging Tariq’s every move. 

Expect alliances to crumble and betrayals to sting. Expect the unexpected, as the show delves deeper into the complex themes of family, legacy, and the corrupting allure of power. Also, most of the seasons are interconnected, which means that if you have yet to watch the first six seasons, you’d need to do that first.

Who is returning to Power Season 7?

Following how the characters and cast shaped up in the sixth season, it looks like Season 7 won’t be any different. We can expect to see the following characters come to life, including:

  • Tommy Egan
  • Tasha St. Patrick
  • Angela Valdes

Any further additions to the cast list will not be unveiled until the actual new season is here, so we’d have to wait for it until then.


Power Season 7 has a 50-50 chance of returning. If you have been wondering what’s next and what the show’s future looks like, it seems like you’d have to wait further for more news. There is no confirmed release news right now.


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