Tanya The Evil Season 2 – Has the Show Been Renewed?

Tanya The Evil Season 2

Do you come across shows that are so simple yet so engaging that you can’t get enough of it already? Well, that’s exactly what’s up with Tanya the Evil Season 2. The show’s first season was a massive success, leaving the fans hopeful of an eventual release of the sequel.

After leaving us cackling with glee at the end of Season 1, the pint-sized sorceress is back to wreak havoc on the unsuspecting town of Grimwood. Now, with how the first season ended, it is inevitable that the show needs to return with a sequel.

To shed some light on the situation, we will discuss all that we know about Tanya the Evil Season 2 and details about its release.

When is Tanya the Evil Season 2 Releasing?

The premise of this anime series is based on 12 light novels and 27 manga volumes, which means that the creators have plenty of resources to fall back on.

That said, creating anime shows takes time. The first season of this series was released in 2017 and since then, we have not received any kind of update related to the show’s renewal or return. Since it has been around 6 years since then, it makes sense that most of the fans are now settled on the fact that it is not returning in the future.

However, we also have to look at the bright side. Tanya the Evil has not been canceled, which means that hope is still there for an eventual return in the future.

What can we expect from Tanya the Evil Season 2?

Season 2 promises to be a potent brew of mischief, mayhem, and laugh-out-loud moments. Expect Tanya to push the boundaries of magic even further, concocting outrageous spells and contraptions that will have you both clutching your sides and wondering how she possibly came up with them. 

But be warned, her experiments may not always go as planned, leading to hilarious (and sometimes disastrous) consequences for Grimwood’s residents. Beyond the wacky antics, there’s a hint of something darker brewing. 

Whispers of a mysterious ancient artifact with untold power have reached Tanya’s pointy ears, and she won’t rest until it’s hers. This quest promises to pit her against not only Grimwood’s bumbling authorities but also a new cast of nefarious characters who are after the artifact for their sinister purposes.

Who is returning to Tanya the Evil Season 2?

If the anime show is renewed for a sequel, it is set to return with the OG cast members and voice actors from the first season, including:

  • Tanya Degurechaff by Aoi Yūki 
  • Viktoriya Ivanovna by Serebryakov Saori 
  • Hayami Mary by Sioux Haruka 
  • Tomatsu Hans von Zettour by Hōchū Ōtsuka 
  • Erich von Rerugen by Shin-ichiro Miki 
  • Anson Sioux by Ken’yû Horiuchi 
  • Kurt von Rudersdorf by Tesshô Genda


Tanya the Evil Season 2 has so much to explore and so much potential to become one of the best anime shows presently. However, the silence from the creators and production houses explains why the fans have lost hope about a potential return in the future.


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