Pixel 8 Won’t Receive the Gemini Nano Support – Explained!

Pixel 8 Won’t Receive the Gemini Nano Support – Explained!

If you have recently bought the brand-new Google Pixel 8 and have been looking forward to exploring more with the beast, you are in for a ride. According to the latest reports, Pixel 8 won’t receive the Gemini Nano support anytime soon (or ever!)

During an interaction with a Google representative, they claimed that the Pixel 8 devices that are not “Pro” models won’t receive the Gemini Nano support. They further explained that this is likely happening due to the hardware limitations.

While the initial explanation seemed satisfactory, tech nerds and people who bought Pixel 8 devices have many questions. Aren’t the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro running on the Tensor G3 chipset from Google?

So, if both models run on the same chipset, what kind of hardware limitations are we talking about? The netizens found that the difference in hardware between the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro is in the RAM configuration. The Pro version has 12GB RAM, while the non-Pro model boasts 8GB RAM.

Since the majority of the customers who bought Pixel 8 were comfortable with the 8GB RAM configuration, people are confused about whether Google is stretching things beyond their original realms.

To counteract the ongoing debate, even MediaTek’s Dimensity 8300 and 9300 chips underwent significant upgrades to match the requirements of the Gemini Nano capabilities. So, this further fueled debates in the consumer’s mind – Is buying Pixel 8 even worth the time given that there could be cheaper phones with similar performance?

Gemini Nano debuted on the new Pixel 8 Pro when it was released in December 2023. Since the release of the AI-powered language by Google, the features have left fans curious and excited about what’s next in store.

However, with Google now confirming that the Pixel 8 won’t be compatible with the new Gemini Nano, it has undoubtedly left many fans disappointed with the new. Will things change in the coming days? Only time will tell.

Some unique features the consumers expect to explore with Gemini Nano include smart reply suggestions, text summarization tools, and the depths of scope with the power of generative AI. With new updates, Gemini Nano would surely receive even better features down the line.

Google is known for catering to its consumers’ needs, so it wouldn’t be surprising if it took things up a notch and surprised everyone by making the Google Pixel 8 compatible with Gemini Nano in the future.


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