Is Maxwell Simkins Related To Sean Astin?

Is Maxwell Simkins Related To Sean Astin

Maxwell Simkins rose to prominence after appearing in the comedy TV series, Bizzardvark where he played the character Zane. Aside from this Disney Channel series, Maxwell is also famous for his single Mr. Bully.

Like anyone else, Maxwell has his hobbies and loves to do ice skating and basketball. He also loves to enjoy boxing, working out, and kart racing in his free time.

At this moment, a lot of people are curious to know if Maxwell Simkins is somehow related to Sean Astin as they both look quite similar. We will find out the relation between the two in the post below.

About Maxwell Simkins

As per online records, Maxwell Simkins’ birth date is 17th October 2006. He was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S. Based on his birth year, he will be 17 years old in 2023. His zodiac sign is Libra.

At present, he is settled in Los Angeles, California, where he is pursuing a career in acting. He is American by birth and his ethnicity is white. As far as it is known, he follows Christianity.

Maxwell Simkins was born to parents John and Hilary Simkins. He has two younger brothers named Oscar and Olee Simkins. They grew up together and share a very close bond.

Is Maxwell Simkins And Sean Astin Related?

Fans are curious to know if Maxwell Simkins is related to Sean Astin. Sorry to disappoint you, but we can’t say for certain if that’s true.

There’s no solid proof confirming their relationship. However, some hints suggest they might be family. Firstly, they share the same last name, often a sign of familial connection.

Additionally, they have collaborated on various projects. They both starred in the 2017 movie “The War with Grandpa.” That’s not all, the two also appeared in the popular Netflix series titled “Stranger Things.”

As you all know it is very common in Hollywood for relatives to work together in the same movie or TV show. So, this collaboration could suggest a family link. However, we cannot confirm this yet!

Investigating The Possible Connection

To find out if Maxwell Simkins is Sean Astin’s relative, we need to check their family backgrounds. Unfortunately, we have limited info about Maxwell’s family since he is new to the entertainment industry. Also, he is just 13 years old. But we can explore Sean Astin’s family history for clues.

Sean Astin’s parents are Patty Duke and John Astin and they are both actors. His dad has English and German roots, and his mom has Scottish and Irish ancestry. So, there’s a possibility that Maxwell Simkins is connected to Sean Astin through his dad’s side.

But unless we have solid proof, we can’t say for sure if they are related. For now, we can only guess about their connection based on the interesting clues we have.

Final Words

Maxwell Simkins and Sean Astin look similar, but it is hard to tell if they are related. Based on their family history, it is assumed that Maxwell Simkins is related to Sean Astin through his father’s side of the family.


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