Who is Matthew Brown? Breaking Down the Details about the Texan and Hawaiian Entrepreneur

Who is Matthew Brown

Matthew Brown isn’t your typical entrepreneur. With a foot firmly planted in both the bustling Texan plains and the sun-kissed shores of Hawaii, he’s carved a unique path in the world of renewable energy. His story is one of ambition, adaptation, and a deep commitment to building a more sustainable future.

With him being a pivotal investor in the renewable and space industries, the man has been making the rounds on the internet and people seem to be curious about finding out more about his work, his early life, and the passion that led to his growth in the industry.

If you are a fan of Matthew Brown and his entrepreneurial journey, especially in the renewable energy source industry, we have all the details about the business tycoon in this guide.

Early Life

Matthew Brown was born in Appleton, Wisconsin on November  01, 1989. There’s not a lot of information about Matthew’s life growing up and we couldn’t find any information related to his family as well, having lived a largely private life, seemingly by design.

What we do know is that Matthew’s family relocated to Texas following his birth, which is where he was raised by his parents. He attended the local high school there and even completed his higher education in Texas.

While studying finance at Texas Christian University (TCU), he dabbled in various ventures, from real estate to oil and gas. This early exposure to the world of business honed his skills and instilled in him a relentless drive.

After graduating, Brown’s focus shifted to renewable energy. He saw the immense potential of wind and solar power, not just as environmentally friendly alternatives, but also as lucrative investment opportunities. This foresight led him to Epplament Energy and Lestis Private Capital Group, investment firms dedicated to developing alternative power generation in Texas, Oklahoma, and Hawaii.

Career and Entrepreneurial Journey

As Chairman and Partner at Epplament Energy, Brown became a major player in the Texan wind power boom. He spearheaded the development of several utility-scale wind farms, partnering with industry giants like Boone Pickens and Bob McNair. His leadership and strategic acumen were instrumental in turning Epplament and Lestis into a forces to be reckoned with, along with his leadership at Woods Family Office.

But Brown’s ambitions extended beyond Texas. He recognized the vast potential of Hawaii’s sunshine and trade winds for solar and wind power generation. He actively pursued projects in the Aloha State, seeing it as a key battleground in the fight for clean energy independence.

So, when it comes to depicting the biggest shift in his career, it was Matthew’s relocation to Hawaii that turned his career around and for the better. Following making the move, Matthew quickly embraced the island’s culture and spirit and was impressed by the local’s approach to sustainability and community.

He founded Energent, L.P. in 2016, a venture capital and private equity firm focused on investing in innovative clean energy technologies. Energent’s portfolio boasts a diverse range of companies, from solar panel manufacturers to energy storage solutions providers and shipping/transportation companies. Brown’s keen eye for talent and disruptive technologies has positioned Energent as a leader in the clean energy and transportation investment space.

What’s impressive about Matthew Brown is the fact that he believes in what he preaches. His impact runs beyond the boardroom because he actively advocates for environmental protection and social responsibility, which is one of the reasons why the man has gained the respect of the people he has worked with until now.

Matthew works as an advisor for several non-profit organizations, including the Renewable and Appropriate Energy Laboratory at U.C. Berkeley and the Texas Tech University Wind Institute.

Matthew Brown’s Investment in Virgin Orbit

We know for a fact that Matthew Brown is one of the most renowned and flourishing investors, who backs up brands and companies like OpenAI and SpaceX as a venture capitalist in the secondary market.

Recently, his team has confirmed that they are currently in talks about making a huge investment in Virgin Orbit from Matthew’s person $500 million family office, Matthew Brown Companies. There seems to be no official information from Matthew Brown’s end. However, a leaked term sheet exclaims that Matthew’s company will invest roughly around $200 million in the company, which is quite impressive.

In an interview with CNBC, Brown exclaimed that they have done thorough research and they love Virgin Orbit and what the company stands for. This explains why they are interested in making the big move and investing in the company as well.

Further insights from the interview explain how Brown never wants to visit space himself when asked by the interviewer. Brown also confirmed that if the deal is finalized Matthew Brown Companies will become the de facto owner of Virgin Orbit.

With how things are progressing in the realm of technology, AI, and space, Matthew Brown exclaims that a huge shift has come about in this world. Things that didn’t happen in 2008 are already happening in 2024 and will likely happen and progress in the future too.

Personal Life

Matthew Brown is one of the most private people when it comes to his family. He was previously married to his wife Tawni Catherine Reynolds for 4 years. The two got married on July 23, 2017.

For those that aren’t aware, Tawni is Dallas socialite, Miranda Hogue’s sister, friend of Taylor Swift. However, the two of them decided to separate on November 01, 2021. Matthew and Tawni appear to be friends today. Due to his work, Matthew travels a lot and resides in places like Dubai, Texas, Hawaii, South Lake Tahoe, etc.

Brown’s commitment to sustainability is reflected in his personal life as well. He also lives part-time on his 20,000 acre self-sustaining ranch in Alaska, powered by renewable energy sources and practicing responsible land management. This is a rumor that has been swirling on the internet, so there’s no way to confirm if that’s the case or not.

Final Thoughts 

Matthew Brown is one of the most compassionate yet renowned investors in the U.S. right now. Being working in the renewable energy industry, Matthew has forayed into different kinds of industries over the years, expanding his investment experiences and working with companies both big and small. One thing about him that’s quite admirable is that he looks for potential in the company and invests in them accordingly.


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