Twin Reina King and Regina King – Are They Twins?

Twin Reina King and Regina King – Are They Twins?

When we say the name Regina King, there’s no introduction needed for her. Not only is she an Oscar winner, but Regina is also known for her immense talent. The actress has left an indelible mark in the entertainment industry with her appearances in several Hollywood classics.

Besides her amazing acting talent, Regina has also often made the rounds on the internet for her “look-alike” actor sister Reina King. With how talented Regina is, it isn’t surprising that the talent runs in the family and Reina is just as good of an actress, if not better.

If you aren’t aware of who Reina King is and her relationship with Regina King, we will be discussing all of that in detail in this article.

Early Life of Regina King

Regina was born on January 15, 1971, in Los Angeles, California to Thomas and Gloria King. She has a twin sister named Reina King and a brother named Ronnie King. The three of them are extremely close and share a very close bond.

Regina’s parents separated when she was seven years old and has been primarily raised by her mother, who worked as an ordained minister. Her father’s presence in her life was equally engaging.

Are Regina and Reina King Twins?

Regina and Reina are, in fact, twins. Both of them grew up inseparable and developed similar interests when it came to their likes and hobbies, which makes sense why both of them decided to venture into the entertainment industry and work as actors.

While Regina is known for her roles in popular series like Southland, American Crime, and Watchmen, Reina has established her name for acting in Hollywood films like Friday and Jerry Maguire.

Not only do they share a great off-screen bond, but you will also find the sisters often sharing a red carpet and hyping each other up, which is quite refreshing to witness.

Do Regina and Reina Co-Own a Business Together?

Regina and Reina co-own a production company called Royal Ties together. The main objective of their production company is to bring their on and off-screen talent and knowledge into producing some of the most stunning and engaging movies and series.

Ever since their inception, Regina and Reina have worked on several projects together, including “Scandal,” “Pitch,” “Greenleaf,” and “The Catch.”

All of these movies are off-track and a little different than what you will normally witness in your day-to-day life. When asked what their intent was with the production company, Regina and Reina said that they wanted to create movies and series that bring the “Black American experiences to life.” They want to bring more positive stories to life that people relate to.


If you have been a fan of Regina King and didn’t know she had a twin named Reina King who is equally popular, you have been missing out. We hope this article gives you all the basic details that you have been missing out on all this while. Both of them deserve the recognition they have today.


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