Manifest Season 5 – Has the Show Been Cancelled?

Manifest Season 5 – Has the Show Been Cancelled?

When it comes to long-running successful series on the internet, Manifest is hands down one of those shows that stick around in the minds of people. Over the years, people have been consistently drawn towards Manifest, thanks to its unique plot and the incessant character development that the audience has witnessed over the years.

With Manifest Season 4 being a pretty successful season, it isn’t surprising that the majority of the viewers are now looking for answers regarding the show’s fifth season, its renewal status, and its release date as well.

Manifest Season 5

This article will explore everything you need to know about Manifest Season 5, its potential release date, and more about the cast and expected plot.

When is the Manifest Season 5 Releasing?

Manifest Season 5 Release Date

The production company that produced Manifest confirmed that the show has been canceled and that the fourth season was the last.

This has left the fans upset and with a lot of questions. However, Jeff Rake previously said that he planned for Manifest to have six seasons to be able to narrate the entire series without any loopholes. Now, with the show’s sudden cancellation, a lot has been left with a question mark beside its name.

Seeing how things had to change with NBC canceling the show initially, Rake knew that he had to modulate the show in a way so the plot of the series isn’t compromised at all. So, they fit the entire ending of the show in the fourth season by releasing 20 episodes in that season.

However, although most of the news confirms that the show has been canceled after the four-season run, it is most likely that the show won’t be renewed. But we never know how things pan out in the future.

What is the Expected Plot of Manifest Season 5?

Manifest Season 5 Plot

As official confirmation suggests, Manifest has been canceled after the fourth season, which means that the audience isn’t getting Manifest Season 5, if that’s something you have been looking forward to watching.

If you have yet to watch the show, let’s give you a bit of a refresh. The show’s fourth season follows Montego Air Flight 828, which finds itself in a bit of turbulence while flying from Jamaica to New York. However, things start going haywire when they land in New York and are told by NSA deputy director Robert Vance that all the 191 passengers along with the crew were thought to be dead for 5+ years.

However, with such drastic news, the passengers soon return to their normal life only to find that things have changed drastically around them. Soon after, they start seeing visions, otherwise known as callings.

Now, with the fact that the show isn’t returning with a new season, we have no idea how things would have panned out in the fifth season. We can pretty much only speculate things at this point.

Who is cast in Manifest Season 5?

Manifest Season 5 Cast

If Manifest were to return with a fifth season, we can pretty much hope and expect that they would return with the primary cast on the show.

These include:

  • Melissa Roxburgh

Melissa Roxburgh

  • Josh Dallas

Josh Dallas

  • Athena Karkanis

Athena Karkanis

  • J. R. Ramirez

J. R. Ramirez

  • Luna Blaise

Luna Blaise

  • Jack Messina

Jack Messina

  • Parveen Kaur

Parveen Kaur

  • Matt Long

Matt Long


  • Holly Taylor

Holly Taylor

Besides the main cast, we can also hope that the show might have included a few supporting casts as well. But, that’s pretty much it. 

Is there a Trailer Available for Manifest Season 5?

Manifest Season 5 is most likely canceled, which means that there is no hope for a trailer anytime around the corner. If you have been wondering where to watch the fifth season’s trailer, we hate to disappoint you that there isn’t any available.

If the creators or the network decides to revive the show down the road, there might be a new trailer or episodes available. But, until then, there are no reports about a potential trailer or release date in sight.

Where can I watch Manifest Season 5?

Manifest Season 5 isn’t happening. The show has been canceled by the network already, which means that season 4 was the end of the show.

Now, when it comes to where you can watch the first five seasons of the show, you can stream them on Netflix. All the episodes are available in the best resolution and with subtitles if you are more comfortable with that.

You’d need to have a Netflix subscription in place though to be able to stream the entire series, so that’s something you’d have to take into account.


It has been pretty disappointing that Netflix has canceled Manifest after its four successful seasons. However, we’d recommend that you go ahead and binge-watch all the episodes that are streaming on Netflix. The entire show is pretty conclusive by the end of the fourth season since they didn’t end the show abruptly.