Fast Foodies Season 3: When is the Reality Show Returning on truTV?


If you are a big fan of reality TV shows that aren’t surrounding the staple glamor and entertainment niche, Fast Foodies is most likely a great pick to look at. With over a year since the release of the show’s last season, the audience is now curious to know when Season 3 is airing.

With the authenticity, creativity, and uniqueness surrounding the show, it isn’t surprising that the viewers are pretty excited about a potential new season sometime soon.

Fast Foodies Season 3

This article will explore more about Fast Foodies Season 3, its release date, and what you can expect from the next season.

What is the Plot of Fast Foodies?

Plot of Fast Foodies Season 3

As we mentioned earlier, Fast Foodies is a reality show, which means that there isn’t a standard plot to the show.

The premise of the show is pretty simple. Three chefs meet up with a celebrity guest on the show and their objective is to recreate the celebrity’s favorite meal. 

The show follows two challenges – the copycat challenge where the chefs have to recreate the dish and the remix challenge where the chefs have to put their twist on the dish they are cooking.

When is Fast Foodies Season 3 Releasing?

Fast Foodies Season 3 Release Date

Despite the positive response from the audience, Fast Foodies hasn’t yet been renewed for the third season on truTV.

However, that doesn’t mean that the show has been canceled. There is just no news at this point about the release of the third season and what the future of the show would look like.

If we get more information about the release of Season 3 of Fast Foodies, we’ll keep you posted on the same in this article. So, keep an eye out.

Who is the cast in Fast Foodies Season 3?

Fast Foodies Season 3 Cast

Since Fast Foodies Season 3 is a reality show, the accessory cast keeps on changing with each episode. However, the three pivotal characters in the show include:

  • Kristen Kish

Kristen Kish

  • Jeremy Ford

Jeremy Ford

  • Justin Sutherland

Justin Sutherland

Given their presence in the first two seasons, we are hoping they will make a comeback in the third season too.


If you have been desperately awaiting the release of Fast Foodies 3, we hope this article gives you all the insights you need about the show’s future. Since things are looking pretty bleak at the moment, we’d suggest waiting until the creators of the show come out with official news.