Enola Holmes 3 – When Is The ‘Millie Bobby Brown’ Starrer Movie Returning?

Enola Holmes 3 – When Is The ‘Millie Bobby Brown’ Starrer Movie Returning?

Who doesn’t love a marvelous duo like that of Millie Bobby Brown and Henry Cavill? Well, that’s what you get for binge-watching a show like Enola Holmes. The movie didn’t take off to a good start, especially because it was meant to be released just before the pandemic hit.

However, when Enola Holmes made its way to Netflix and into the hands of the viewers, it ended up gaining close to 80 million views. Now, that goes to show how well-received the movie was which led to the release of Enola Holmes 2.

enola holmes 3

Following the success of the first two consecutive seasons, it isn’t surprising that the audience is now vividly awaiting the release of the next movie, which is Enola Holmes 3. More on that will be discussed at length in this article.

When is Enola Holmes 3 Releasing?

Enola Holmes 3 Release Date

When it comes to a movie franchise ending, the creators and the network generally provide an early kickback regarding that. So, since there are no confirmation or cancellation announcements surrounding Enola Holmes 3, it is safe to say that the show will most likely make its comeback soon.

However, you also need to keep in consideration that there has been no confirmation released yet. The fans, who have watched the second movie are hopeful that the show is returning with a third part, thanks to the post-credit scenes.

In the post-credit scenes, they introduced a new character, Dr. John Watson. Now, the fans are speculating that this is the character that ends up being Sherlock Holme’s roommate. So, with a new character in the post-credits scene, there is a chance that Enola Holmes 3 is happening.

What is the Expected Plot of Enola Holmes 3?

Enola Holmes 3 Plot

Enola Holmes hasn’t been formed for the third part of the movie, so there’s no way of knowing what the official plot of the movie would be. However, the rumors suggest that the third part will proclaim more involvement of Sherlock in the movie.

For those who aren’t aware, Enola Holmes is inspired by the novels written by Nancy Springer. If her third novel is the one inspiring Enola Holmes 3, there’s a high chance that it will delve into looking further into the character of Dr. John Watson and his going missing.

However, we also need to understand that the writers and creators of the show don’t follow the story of the novel line by line. It is more of an inspiration. But, the third movie of Enola Holmes is set to witness Sherlock and Enola working together, which is going to be pretty engaging and fun to witness.

The third installation of the movie is also expected to highlight Moriarty, so that would be another interesting part to venture into. There will be new enemies introduced in the third movie, so that will be an interesting take to witness as well.

Who will be cast in Enola Holmes 3?

Enola Holmes 3 Cast

Since there is no confirmation about the release of Enola Holmes 3, it is impossible to suggest who the cast would be.

However, if we follow the tunes from the first and second seasons, there are high chances that the new season will return with the main cast intact, including:

  • Millie Bobby Brown

Millie Bobby Brown

  • Henry Cavill

Henry Cavill

  • Helena Bonham Carter

Helena Bonham Carter

  • Louis Partridge

Louis Partridge

  • Susan Wokoma

Susan Wokoma

  • Himesh Patel

Himesh Patel

  • Moriarty


There will be supporting characters introduced in the show as well but those are characters we won’t know until the movie is officially released.

Is there a Trailer for Enola Holmes 3 Yet?

Enola Holmes 3 hasn’t been confirmed for a release yet by Netflix or the creators. So, it is now a matter of whether or not the movie is making a comeback down the road.

Since there are no official release dates around the corner yet, there’s no way to confirm whether the teaser or trailer of the movie will be released. It looks as if we’d have to wait things out until the official confirmation about the movie comes around. 

Where can I watch Enola Holmes 3?

The first two installations of the movie, Enola Holmes and Enola Holmes 2 were released on Netflix. These are Netflix original movies, which means that they are exclusively available on Netflix only.

So, when it comes to the release of Enola Holmes 3, we can pretty much be assured that it’s releasing on Netflix. It’s just that we don’t have an official release date yet.


Enola Holmes 3 is most likely underway. But, Netflix hasn’t revealed any official news surrounding the movie’s release yet. But, with the post-credit scene and the buzz that has been around this exclusive movie, it is safe to assume that the movie will be released sometime soon. We’ll keep you posted about the latest information regarding the movie’s release, so bookmark this webpage.