Lovesick Season 4 Release Date, Cast & Plot

Lovesick Season 4 Release Date
Lovesick Season 4 Release Date

For a show that started with the name of Scrotal Recall, it has managed to score the attention of its fans over the years. The talented cast and the screenwriters have worked in tandem to make this British show a worthy watch. While the show originally aired as a Channel 4 Original in the United Kingdom for its first season, the surplus response drove Netflix to snatch up the show for their platform.

So, the second and the third installments of the show were then aired on Netflix. The last episode of the series aired in 2018, leaving fans with a constant hope of returning with a new season or a one-off episode pretty soon.

However, nothing about season 4 of Lovesick has been decided or announced yet.

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What is the release date for Lovesick Season 4?

As we said just before, the Lovesick hasn’t yet been renewed for a fourth season on Netflix. In a recent interview, Johnny Flynn who plays the character of Dylan Witter on the show gave updates about the current rundown of the series and what the future looks like, suggesting that he is all game for a new season if Netflix decides to renew it.

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Since no concrete plans are surrounding the confirmed release of Season 4 of the show, all the primary characters on the series have now moved on to doing other projects till anything else about the show is officially announced.

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Who is the potential cast for Lovesick Season 4?

With all the prevailing uncertainty about the renewal of Lovesick for the fourth season, there are chances that the cast of the first three seasons will move on to act in the fourth one too. Some of the most important cast members include:

  • Johnny Flynn
  • Antonia Thomas
  • Hannah Britland
  • Daniel Ings
  • Joshua McGuire
  • Klariza Clayton
  • Rian Steele
  • Richard Thomson
  • Susannah Fielding
  • Laura Aikman
  • Aimee Parkes
  • Jessica Ellerby

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What would the fourth season project? 

It isn’t unlikely for a British sitcom to return after a few years of hiatus. So, if you have hope that the fourth season is a likely possibility, it very well is. While the last season of the show ended with Dylan and Evie as a couple, the audience has suggested that they didn’t feel like the ending gave them a proper closure. So, to expect a little extrapolation of their story for the fourth installment of the show is a possibility we can’t deny.

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