Lincoln Lawyer Season 3 – A Peek into What’s Next for The Show

Lincoln Lawyer Season 3

Los Angeles’ hottest defense attorney, Mickey Haller, is gearing up to hit the road again. The Lincoln Lawyer, based on Michael Connelly’s popular legal thriller series, has been greenlit for a third season on Netflix.

Fans can expect another ten gripping episodes that delve into the complex world of criminal justice, with Mickey taking center stage in his signature Lincoln Town Car.

If you have similar expectations from Lincoln Lawyer Season 3 and you are waiting for more breakthroughs with the show, we have all the relevant details lined up for you.

When is Lincoln Lawyer Season 3 Releasing?

Netflix has not revealed anything about the show’s eventual release date, so it looks like we’d have to wait to hear from the official sources.

What we do know is that filming for Lincoln Lawyer season 3 began in January 2024. Considering the show’s previous release schedule (May 2022 for season 1 and July/August 2023 for season 2, split into two volumes), a late 2024 or early 2025 premiere seems likely. 

Delays due to 2023’s writers’ and actors’ strikes might have pushed back the timeline, but production is well underway, keeping fans optimistic about a return soon. So, if you have patiently waited until now, we’d suggest that you wait some more until the showrunners or the network releases further news on it.

What can we expect from Lincoln Lawyer Season 3?

Season 3 will take inspiration from Connelly’s “The Gods of Guilt.” This time, expect a deeper exploration of Mickey’s past alongside his present legal battles. Flashback sequences will delve into his journey as a lawyer, husband, and father, offering a more nuanced perspective on the man behind the courtroom persona. 

The core of the story will likely revolve around a new case Mickey takes on, with the potential for it to unearth secrets and challenge his moral compass. We might see Mickey grappling with the choices he made earlier in life, potentially impacting his current relationships and forcing him to confront his demons. 

The showrunners, Ted Humphrey and Dailyn Rodriguez, have hinted at a more personal season for Mickey. They’ve mentioned incorporating elements from other Connelly novels, suggesting a potential expansion of the show’s universe. This could involve introducing characters from other Mickey Haller books or weaving in storylines that connect to the wider Connellyverse, keeping things fresh and exciting for fans. 

Of course, the legal drama that made the show a hit won’t take a backseat. Expect Mickey to be embroiled in a complex case, with high stakes and powerful adversaries. The show’s signature blend of courtroom drama, thrilling investigations, and Mickey’s unorthodox approach to justice will likely remain a central focus.

Who is returning to Lincoln Lawyer Season 3?

We still don’t have any official confirmation about the show’s cast just yet but speculations suggest that the main characters will return, including:

  • Becki Newton as Lorna
  • Jazz Raycole as Izzy
  • Angus Sampson as Cisco
  • Elliott Gould as David Siegel
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