Succession Season 5 – Is The Show Returning?

Succession Season 5

Succession, the addictive HBO drama chronicling the power struggles of the Roy family, captivated audiences for four seasons. However, despite fervent fan desires, there won’t be a season 5.

The series concluded with its fourth season finale, “With Open Eyes,” on May 28th, 2023. To be fair, with how amazing the show was and the progressive storyline, it isn’t surprising that the fans were looking forward to exploring more of that world.

While the lack of a new season is disappointing, the show’s creator, Jesse Armstrong, crafted a satisfying conclusion that tied up loose ends. Are there any chances of Succession in Season 5? We discuss more on that here.

When is Succession Season 5 Returning?

While the complex dynamics and ruthless machinations of the Roys seemed ripe for further exploration, series creator Jesse Armstrong opted to conclude the story with Season 4. 

Despite pressure from HBO, who recognized the show’s immense popularity, Armstrong believed a definitive ending would serve the narrative best. The gripping season finale, “With Open Eyes”, aired on May 28th, 2023, marking the official closure of Succession.

This would probably be one of the few instances where the network found potential in the show’s return in the future but the creators decided to wrap things up because they didn’t want to drag things out with the show or the characters.

What can we expect from Succession Season 5?

Though the official story has ended, speculation naturally arises about what a potential season 5 might have explored.

The season 4 finale saw Logan Roy solidify his control over Waystar Royco, leaving his children feeling betrayed and defeated. A potential season 5 could have depicted the siblings forging an unlikely alliance to finally wrest control from their manipulative father.

With Kendall Roy’s public denouncement of his father and Shiv Roy’s failed power grab, the company could be thrown into chaos. Season 5 might have explored a full-blown civil war within Waystar, with different factions vying for dominance.

The fallout from Kendall’s explosive accusations against Logan could have significant international consequences for Waystar Royco. Season 5 could have delved into the legal and financial ramifications, showcasing the company’s desperate attempts to salvage its reputation.

Throughout the series, the Roy siblings have sacrificed their morals and relationships in their pursuit of power. Season 5 could have explored the psychological toll of their actions, showcasing their struggles with guilt, addiction, and self-loathing.

The Roys are not the only players in the media game. Season 5 could have introduced a formidable new competitor, forcing the Roys to adapt or risk losing their empire entirely.

This goes to show that the possibilities are quite extensive with the show. However, the creators seem to be content with how things have ended, so a potential new season doesn’t seem possible.

Who is returning on Succession Season 5?

With the show having ended officially and the possibilities of no potential returns around the horizon, there’s no point speculating about the cast. However, it is also true that if the show were to return, it would have returned with the primary cast.

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