La Reina Del Sur Season 4 – Does Netflix Plan on Renewing the Show?

La Reina Del Sur Season 4

Teresa Mendoza, the Queen of the South, captivated audiences for three thrilling seasons as she navigated the perilous world of drug cartels. Sometimes, sparing some time to catch up on some thrillers can be an interesting watch.

Despite a satisfying conclusion to her arc in season 3, whispers of a potential fourth season tantalize fans. With how the third season ended, it is justified for the fans to want a new season as quickly as possible.

While the future of La Reina Del Sur Season 4 seems murky and undecided, we have managed to narrow down all the relevant details for you.

When is La Reina Del Sur Season 4 Releasing?

Netflix is the network where the show premiered and all three seasons are available for streaming on Netflix. So, if you are curious about what’s the standpoint for Season 4, it does seem like things might be a little unstable at this moment.

We don’t seem to have any details about what the show has in store for us, especially in the future, so until Netflix renews the show for the fourth season, everything that we do is a guessing game.

It would be interesting to see how things do transpire though, especially after how the third season happened. There are a lot of open questions and loopholes that need to be answered. 

Some of the fans are even speculating about a 2025 release, given that the third season ended in January 2023. It has been around a year since then and to expect a new season right off the bat doesn’t make practical sense.

What can we expect from La Reina Del Sur Season 4?

If Season 4 graces the screen, one thing is certain: it won’t be a simple retread. Season 3 wrapped up Teresa’s journey of revenge and redemption with a satisfying finality. New chapters demand fresh narratives, and Season 4 could explore uncharted territories. 

Perhaps Teresa navigates the treacherous political landscape of a Latin American nation, battling corruption and forging new alliances. Or maybe she confronts a resurgence of the drug cartels, her past demons returning with a vengeance. The possibilities are as vast as the South itself, keeping fans on the edge of their seats.

One thing is for sure, that fourth season could be the end of it all. So, if you are a big fan and have been following the show since the first season, we’d recommend that you mentally prepare yourself to embrace the end with Season 4. 

However, it is also true that all of these are speculations at this point and no confirmed news about the show’s future has been discussed by the creators and network yet.

Who is returning to La Reina Del Sur Season 4?

When the show is renewed for Season 4, we can expect all the following cast members to return:

  • Kate del Castillo 
  • Isabella Sierra 
  • Kika Edgar 
  • Antonio Gil 
  • Emmanuel Orenday 
  • Humberto Zurita 
  • Lincoln Palomeque 
  • Pêpê Rapazote 
  • Alejandro Calva


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