Sounds Of Life Season 3 – When Is the Anime Adaptation Returning?

Sounds Of Life Season 3

The anime adaptation of Amyu’s critically acclaimed manga, Kono Oto Tomare! Sounds of Life resonated with music lovers and slice-of-life enthusiasts alike. With the success that the first two seasons acquired, it is natural for the viewers to await more news about the third season.

In the first two seasons, we could witness the characters chronicle the Tokise High School Koto Club’s struggles and triumphs as they pursued their passion for the traditional Japanese instrument. So, what’s in store in the third season?

To give you a bit more idea about Sounds of Life Season 3 and its eventual release, we will discuss everything in detail in here.

When is Sounds of Life Season 3 Releasing?

Let us start with the manga that’s being used for creating the anime show in the first place. To give you a bit of a background understanding, the manga is still ongoing, with over 29 volumes released as of October 2023.

So, if you were worried that there might not be enough source material available for the anime to continue with a third season, that’s not the case. The second season ended in December 2019, so it has been 4+ years since then.

With no news regarding the show’s renewal, it makes sense that some of the fans are convinced that the show might be canceled for good. However, we need to remember that anime production is time-consuming, so there are chances that the show is only being delayed and not getting canceled.

What can we expect from Sounds of Life Season 3?

Should Kono Oto Tomare! grace our screens once more, we can anticipate further exploration of the characters’ growth and musical journeys. The second season concluded with the club aiming for Nationals, a grueling but prestigious competition. 

A potential season 3 could delve into the intense preparation, individual challenges, and heartwarming camaraderie that fuel their pursuit of this ambitious goal. Furthermore, new characters and dynamics could be introduced, enriching the narrative tapestry. 

The manga hints at the arrival of talented underclassmen who might join the club, bringing fresh perspectives and challenges to the existing group. Additionally, we might see deeper development of existing relationships, such as Chika’s evolving bond with his grandfather and Hiro’s blossoming romance with Satowa.

Right now, our suggestion would be to go back and catch up on the first two seasons. Given how long each episode is, you have a long way to go and finish the first two seasons. If you get antsy to know what happens next, you also have the choice to read the manga that inspires the anime show to get a glimpse into what the third season could bring forth.

Who is returning in Sounds of Life Season 3?

If Sounds of Life is eventually renewed for a third season, we can expect all the main cast to return to it. This would include:

  • Takuma Zaiki as Kudo
  • Kazuki Furuta as Kurata
  • Hinako Tanaka as Satowa
  • Kouhei Shiota as Adachi
  • Kotori Kojima as Sakai
  • Tatsuki Jōnin as Mizuhara


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