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Josh Flagg Net Worth

Josh Flagg is a renowned American real estate broker, a bestselling author, and a social media personality, who has gained popularity being one of the most eccentric real estate personalities on the scene.

With an astounding net worth of $35 million, Josh Flagg is hands down one of the most popular in his niche. His fame and his success have been nothing short of staggering and deserve special applause and mention.

This article will explore more about Josh Flagg, his growing net worth, and his early and personal life too.

Quick Facts

Full Name
Joshua Daniel Flagg
Birth Date August 20, 1985
Age 38
Country of Origin Austria
Nationality American
Profession Real estate broker
Marital Status Divorced
Parent’s Name Michael and Cindy (Platt) Flagg
Spouse Bobby Boyd
Social Media Accounts: Instagram
Net Worth (as of 2024) $35 million
Last Updated: Feb 1, 2024

Early Life

Josh Flagg was born on August 20, 1985, to Michael Flagg and Cindy Flagg in the United States. There isn’t much information available about his childhood or his life growing up. 

One thing that’s very prominent about Josh is the fact that he is the grandson of the prominent fashion icon, Edith Flagg. 

While there isn’t any clear information about Josh’s college and University life, it is believed that he was enrolled in multiple schools and finally completed his high school at Beverly Hills High School.

Personal Life

Josh Flagg’s personal life was first a public affair when he proposed to his husband, Bobby Boyd in a flash mob that he arranged at the Four Seasons Hotel. 

After getting engaged in 2016, the couple waited a year and married in 2017. They are current parents to two children. Josh lives with his family in a spacious and luxurious Beverly Hills apartment.

Josh Flagg


For those who have no idea who Josh Flagg is, he is a real estate pioneer in Los Angeles and the majority of his clientele includes a list of affluent celebrities. 

His first big career move was when he partnered with Keller Williams and the two of them opened their real estate firm, John Flagg Estates.

The majority of his fame and social media popularity comes from his television show appearance, a show that he appeared in until Season 10. The show ended in 2017.

Following the success of the show, Flagg wanted to venture into a different side of his career, which was writing. He released his first book, “My Grandmother Told Me”, which included simple yet connecting stories that he learned from his grandmother, Edith Flagg.

The book depicts Edith’s life and struggles, where she lived through a war and later went on to become an imminent part of the fashion industry. 

Following gaining traction for his debut book, Flagg went on to release his second book, titled “Million Dollar Agent: Brokering the Dream”, which highlighted the real estate side of things. It walks everything through Josh’s life and his chronicles being a TV show personality.

Net Worth

Josh Flagg has an estimated net worth of $35 million, as we discussed at the beginning of the article. The majority of his income comes from his real estate business and he earns a steady income from his social media and TV appearances too. He also earns a good amount of money from the books he had authored.


1. What does Josh Flagg do for a living?

Josh Flagg is an established American real estate broker, and author. He is also a famous social media personality.

2. What is Josh Flagg’s net worth?

Josh Flagg has a net worth of $35 million. His income is derived from his real estate business, as well as earnings from his television appearances, and social media presence. Additionally, he generates income from the books he has authored.

3. What are the titles of the two books authored by Josh Flagg?

Josh Flagg has authored two books: “Million Dollar Agent: Brokering the Dream,” and “My Grandmother Told Me.”